We see the action and laugh – Comedian Type 1
We see the person and laugh – Comedian Type 2
With the mere utterance of the name or even imagination of the cutout, we laugh – Comedian Type 3
And we unanimously place ace comedian Brahmanandam in the third category.
Stirring yet another laugh riot as ‘Crazy Mohan’a.k.a Pulka in his recent flick Balupu and helping it ring the cash-registers; Dr. Brahmanandam is our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!
From a mere lecturer in Atthili (a small town in A.P) to a giant comedian, our beloved Brahmi has walked a long way in this industry with myriad hilarious characters that get our guts out laughing even today. No wonder, he gilds a Guinness World Records for highest screen credits for a living actor!
Apart from this routine stuff, if you ask us what makes him a distinguished comedian, we would tell you the inversely proportional demand for him. On a general note, the market demand for any artist perishes with growing age but for Brahmi, it’s the opposite. We witness whistles, claps and howling for a big hero’s appearance on the screen. But, can you disagree if we say that even Brahmi has got that? It isn’t an exaggeration that Brahmi invokes a much higher response with his mere presence [without any buildup] and that’s Brahmi!  
Over a decade, his prominence in films has increased by zillion folds. His presence has become a prerequisite in every big player film! He comes with jocular characters like Gajala, McDonald Murthy, Head constable Pranav, Jilebi, Jaffa Reddy, Padma Sree, Pilli Padmanabha Simha every time and gifts us gut-busting comedy. He has been playing a vital role in the success of some films while emerging the knight in the shining armor as well for some films.
Social Networking Sites also have become his playgrounds. There are numerous pages and countless jokes and images played on him and with him. He’s even into Neologism [coining new terms/words/phrases etc] with his trademark word “Jaffa”, more popularized by him. This word has seeped deep into the system such that it has become ‘people’s word’ for their outbursts.
He was, is and will be the c/o address for sensations and awaiting more and more crazy characters from him…

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