He defined the term ‘Power’ for the English dictionaries!

He redefined the term ‘Power’ for the Tollywood dictionaries!

It takes volumes to describe him and it’s so obvious that he is our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK – why he is a sensation anytime irrespective of the season, success and timing! [Abba…last punch manadaithe aa kickke verabba!]

Well, we know the power of this Powerstar but Youtube has learnt it a short while ago when the first trailer of his recent flick ‘Attharintiki Daaredi’ got into the web. Above 5,79,000 hits in just 1 day of its posting surpassing his own previous record of above 4 lakh hits in 1 day for the teaser of Gabbar Singh! This is touted to be the unique feat for any Tollywood star ever and the fans are boisterous that it’s their idol Pawan Kalyan who set such a record.

This man who debuted as a star’s brother and later evolved as a religion is undoubtedly a phenomenon in modern Telugu cinema! With five blockbusters on a row [Suswagatham, Tholi Prema, Thammudu, Badri and Kushi] he even gave a hand on direction and when Johnny blew up on his face, he had four other duds waiting before the asli sensation Jalsa came in! The point here is – in spite of having five consecutive duds to his account, neither his market nor the craze for him fell but instead shot up by folds. And that needs not just stardom but some aura and magnetism which Pawan Kalyan possesses in abundance!

Now, all we can do is just sit, watch and count the sensations this Powerstar is going to register in the books of Tollywood.

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