We know a name like Geetha Madhuri needs no intro.

They say work should speak more than words and with Geetha, her songs and awards speak more than our words. But out of love, we still try giving an intro-

Music is…. Music! [Oops…sorry]

Hmmm Music is…an ocean [Of course everyone knows it]

Well when many take a dive in and get flooded away in the ocean every day, Geetha Madhuri is one name which is streaming into the endless abyss of that ocean.

Here, out in the reality, being a hit is like winning a Sikkim bumper lottery but Geetha Madhuri is a name that changed the course of it and charmed her way into the hearts of the music lovers. Now along with entrancing us with her voice, she has got a pleasant surprise for us and that’s - ‘Aditi’, her recent short film with her love [and a would be husband] Nandu (actor). So, she is our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

She was mad about music right from her childhood [a junior nightingale in fact]. Singing filmy songs all the time and that is in where, her parents spotted the singer in them. The nightingale was trained or in other words tuned in Classical and Light music. Being a passionate and trained singer, it still wasn’t a cakewalk for her. Starting off with Kulasekhar’s Prema Leka Raasa (2007) [the second film of heroine Anjali], Geetha Madhuri came up roses with many memorable songs and awards coming her way. Maybe, the day she started training neither Geetha nor her parents would have had a clue about the heights she would achieve! Anyhow, the muhoort was good and it’s equally her hardship and her parents’ support. Now, how can we jump the gun without mentioning some of her endearing songs like Ninne Ninne Kora [Nachchavule], Champka Champka [Chirutha], Magaallu Otti Maayagallu [Golimaar], Parvaledu [Manasara], Darlinge [Mirchi] and others?

It isn’t an exaggeration that Geetha Madhuri is one of the few singers who adorn a huge following on and off the web. And the couple [Geetha and Nandu] has been making the headlines from a while with the wedding news and now with their acting avatars! The trailer of Aditi, a musical love story is already is an instant hit and the talk of the net indeed!

So, did Nandu turned a singer or Geetha an actor? It’s for us to figure out! And from now on, is Geetha a singer or a singer cum actor?!  It’s upon time to decide [Above all, it should also have some job right?!]

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