“Have a big hero”

“Pick a crazy heroine”

 “Put an item song”

“Pour in money” etc etc…

…are some of the ‘free advices’ you would get as soon as you say “I wanna make a movie”! We wonder who would recommend you to have a “good script” and here we must tell you about the man ‘Indraganti Mohana Krishna’ who staunchly believes in ‘my kind of cinema’ and has been producing exceptional results in the recent past. Be it Grahanam (2004), Astha Chemma (2008), Golkonda High School (2011) or the recent Anthakumundu Aa Taruvata [AMAT], he asserted that believing in a ‘robust script’ and the notion ‘your kind of film’ can yield you berries any given day. And that unarguably makes him our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

Ask a literate cine-goer, he/she’ll tell you that Mohana Krishna Indraganti plays it on a thin sensible line so well that one has to fall in love with it. If someone says it’s the ‘genes’ [not Shankar’s ‘Jeans’] that made him a distinguished writer, well we should second them because both his parents Srikanth Indraganti and Janaki Bala Indraganti are renowned writers. His witty dialogues, quirky characters, sensible storylines and clean storytelling make him one of the most distinctive Telugu filmmakers of this decade. His intelligent filmmaking should hint us by now that he is a bookworm sorry ‘book-bug’. He should be rightly thankful to his alma mater Andhra Loyola College [Vijayawada], University of Hyderabad and York University [Toronto] for carving the creative core in him! As we see you, the National Awards and Nandi Awards [both for Grahanam (2004)] are a just beginning!

He did what he believes in and today it paid off – AMAT is doing well irrespective of the “centers” and the families are enjoying their monsoon gift. “Adbhuthaha”! Keep entertaining us Mister!

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