Sri Raghava aka Selvaraghavan had arguably been one of the most consistently accomplished South-Indian entertainers with films like 7/G Brindavan Colony, Adavari Maatalaku Arthale Verule and Yuganiki Okkadu in his account. He had always been obsessed to push off the linguistic barriers, whether in highlighting a romantic genre in 7/G Brindavan Colony, family-drama in AMAV and fantasy-adventure in Yuganiki Okkadu, but all it was only during the good days of yore.

The director’s most-recent film, Varna (a fiasco) was talk-of-the-town prior to its release but it is nowhere in the town now. To be fair, this is definitely an uneven film when compared with his earlier ones. And if you get into the messiness of the director’s storytelling, Varna is full of foulest performances by both Anushka and Arya in both the worlds (Terrestrial and ordinary). On a superficial level, flying Lion fight is the most viscerally effective sequence handled by the director.

After crafting Varna for 2+ years, the final result is the first upset for the beloved writer and director Sri Raghava. The film not only put down Sri Raghava but it seemingly downed the fame of PVP Cinema and riposte of Anushka.

Director Sri Raghava is the one who deserves nothing for this film (Varna) except our “Star of the Week” for the buzz he created for it (We did not say ‘for deceiving us’).  

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