What are your first reactions on seeing a fair suave young lad down the street or anywhere??

Colloquially “Enti hero…enti viseshaalu?” or “Neekera…cinema hero la untav” or “Abba! Emunnade hero la” are some of the reactions expected!

We know heroes produced out of money, out of legacy and out of luck! But heroes emerged out of hardship are a rare kind and this generation was lucky enough to have one! If becoming a hero or a being a hero is a herculean task, becoming a hero from being a star comedian and then maintaining that is something we ought to learn from Sunil.

Hailing from some remote village of the Coastal belt, having inspired from Megastar Chiranjeevi, losing his father at the age of mere 8yrs, still striving to live his dream of becoming a dancer and a villain, starting his career very small with absolutely no filmy backdrop or backing is nothing less than a life time achievement already!

Peruleni Cinema, Premaku Velayara way back in the late 90s were his baby steps as an actor – can you believe he is in the industry for almost 14yrs now! From being somewhere in a frame to occupying space as a recognized comedian, then settling down as a top most comedian and now emerging as a successful mainstream hero is an absolute definition of coming up in life by leaps and bounds!

The naysayers and others might have turned down as a pure joke when heard about Andala Ramudu (his first venture as a hero). But Maryada Ramanna should have taken them by real surprise! “Dude…this guy is tough. He’s gonna stay here. It’s time we take him seriously” is the feeling that sprung up after his two back-to-back hits! And later he gave Poolarangadu, yet another hit proving that his success is not a lottery! His six pacs should be a petty affair for many but it just told us how seriously he can be when it matters to his role or being a mainstream hero – we are impressed!

In a way, he is an intelligent hero – knowing what works with his image and what not. He is back with his upcoming flick Bheemavaram Bullodu, yet another attempt to entertain us.
The kind of response that was witnessed on the day of his Bheemavaram Bullodu audio release in Bheemavaram is no less to any other big fat audio release of a star. Because he is a self-made star! And that is why he is our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

Wishing him a great success ahead!

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