“Nani” doesn’t it sound like a name next-door? Well, even the guy looks like one -- very sweet and affable. Yes…we are talking about Ghanta Naveen Kumar, popularly known as Nani.

Assistant Director> Radio Jockey > Hero

From an assistant director to a star hero, he has come a long way already. Cinema was always his dream but he is definitely lucky a ton to have realized that dream quite early with Ashta Chemma. Though opportunities knock your door, you need to be adept enough to make use of it. Only then, life will bless you with a rosy bed. And Nani has been a smart actor here. That is why, after Ashta Chemma, he could bag Ride.  His baby steps Snehituda and Bheemli Kabaddi Jattu also added to his name and career. But, his purple patch began “like that”, we mean with Ala Modalaindi. His success reverberated as such that no one even remembers his previous films. That is why, they say success kisses you in public – well that was his first deep lip kiss.

But you know what is so special about Nani? Success has fallen in love with him [at the fourth sight]. Though he came up with experiments like Veppam [Sega in Telugu], it (success) does not want to leave him [They are still strong!!!]. Otherwise Pilla Zamindar, Eega and Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu – all super hits [At least now you should believe that success madly loves Nani].

Though there were no releases in 2013, he is managing to have three releases [Paisa, Jenda Pai Kapiraju and Aha Kalyanam] in a single month just like any other big player – come on… he has earned that status. Or else, how does a Bollywood giant like Yash Raj Films invest on him? His recent outing Paisa is bagging rave reviews and his performance in the film is being critically acclaimed.

With unique antics, histrionics and incredible talent, Nani is an emerging star of this generation. Way to go Nani boy! Who else could be our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

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