Prakash Raj is one of the few phenomenal actors of Indian Cinema in this millennium. His caliber, versatility and eloquence have made him a member of almost all predominant regional movie industries. Every ’wood’ owns Prakash Raj so much that not many knew he originally hails from Karnataka.

His name is Prakash Rai that was later rechristened to ‘Prakash Raj’ by legendary director and his mentor K. Balachander. Back in the early mid-90s, during his baby steps in Kannada serials like Bisulu Kudere and films like Nishkarsha, Mithuna Haara etc, he was noticed by heroine Geetha who introduced Prakash to Balachander. The maverick director, who spotted the spark in Prakash, gave him his first ever big lead opportunity as film star ‘Dilip’ in the film Duet (1994). There ‘Prakash Raj’ was born and he never looked back - 5 National Awards, 5 Filmfare Awards, 6 Nandi Awards and countless other awards.

Well, if Awards are his first name, controversies are his middle name. His alleged indiscipline during film shootings and his acute and bold attitude have made him a real life baddie too. Due to these, he even went to the verge of facing a life time ban by Tollywood due to the latest Aagadu movie controversy. Long story short, he allegedly abused an assistant director on the sets of Aagadu and was hence replaced by Sonu Sood overnight. In a recent pressmeet, Prakash Raj added fuel to the controversy by accusing a top director to be the mastermind behind the entire issue. The issue has reached the table of MAA Artists association and Directors Association which are expected to make peace between Prakash Raj and Srinu Vaitla regarding this issue at the earliest.

But Prakash Raj looks very stern and rock solid upon his stand over this issue and may not entertain any peacemakers. This versatile entertainer who has been entertaining us on-screen is also entertaining off-screen as well.


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