RGV - A cult name and identity! An uninvited and inevitable obsession! An unacceptable truth and an indigestible rebel!

Media tell us that he is less Crack and more controversial. But wherever he goes, controversy follows or otherwise, wherever controversy lies, he will go there. This time he has really stirred up the hornet’s nest with his recent release Ice Cream and the post release review controversy involving the entire Telugu film media.

While retaliating to a review posted by a website, RGV’s generalized comments and remarks upon film critics and the profession have in fact created a ruckus which brought down film biggies like Dasari to act as a middle man and settle down the issue. Interestingly, RGV openly apologized for the first time ever. The highlight of the entire episode is that RGV apologized in a television interview and walked out of the live show abruptly.

On top of it, he conducted an online class educating the aspirant filmmakers on path breaking filmmaking techniques like ‘no-budget filmmaking’. This method of filmmaking is touted to revolutionize the conventional filmmaking practices. Well, this You Tube class has indeed triggered a discussion amongst renowned directors of Tollywood, wherein, ace directors like Rajamouli, Deva Katta are sharing their valuable opinions and ideas.

Yes RGV! You are master at a special mocktail with controversy and contradiction! But, he looks promising back with his trademark style that was in hibernation all these years. And that is why he is our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

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