You might be wondering at Srinu Vaitla entering our 'Sensational Star of the Week' club keeping aside Mahesh Babu!

Well he deserves to be here because besides all the hype, collections and box-office records, Srinu Vaitla deserves to be commended for making yet another film with Mahesh Babu with the same formulae. Not many directors can make a film work with a repetitive formula. Why does any hero or producer opt for Srinu Vaitla? Because he is a minimum guarantee director! His films have comedy and commercial aspects blended in the right proportions for a solid blockbuster and films like Dhee, Ready, Dookudu, Baadshah have proved this.

But unlike before, his Aagadu has become a mill of controversies and Srinu Vaitla was in the news like never before (unfortunately for all the wrong reasons). Right from his spat with Kona Venkat and actor Prakash Raj, aspects like Aagadu trailer containing controversial dialogues and even the film containing satires on filmmakers like RGV and many others – Srinu Vaitla had a sensational and controversial journey with Aagadu.

Now given the fact that there is a divided talk over the film, the plot of the film has also become controversial and that is the latest sensation of the week. However, the ultimate fate of the film shall decide Srinu Vaitla’s future but a filmmaker’s true content and caliber can’t be judged with just one flop. He is undisputedly one of the most talented directors of Tollywood and it is indeed our pleasure to have him as our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

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