SRI DEVI - Even the most superlative adjectives feel inferior if you ask them to describe Sridevi’s beauty. They only say that she’s some kind of elite angel descended onto this godforsaken planet just to show what a real ‘beauty’ looks like. They only throw the ball into our court to wonder if she’s the one who could thaw out an eccentric cave heart like RGV! “Asalu bhoolokam ilanti siri chusi untada… Kanuka ee chitram swarganiki chendi untada…” Yes RGV was double right!

When you talk about Sridevi, you can’t resist talking about RGV. ‘Sridevi’ and ‘RGV’ have become two inseparable words like the 'deity' and 'devotee'! Besides their mutual respect and adulation, this week witnessed an unexpected difference of opinion between the duo – thanks to the controversial Sridevi poster.

We know the fact that RGV can make a film even without a Camera but not a Controversy! And he did what he is really good at – announce a sensational film titled ‘Savitri’ and later change it to ‘Sridevi’. RGV has already stirred the hornet’s nest with the title and posters and actress Sridevi has just added fuel to the fire. Though many film celebrities choose to stay indifferent to what RGV does, his dream girl Sridevi has issued a legal notice to RGV demanding an "unconditional apology" and change with immediate effect the title ‘Sridevi’ that is allegedly marring her brand name. This has taken everyone by shock while her fans have welcomed her action.

But RGV retaliated strong and refused to change the title with a strong self-defense. Only time will decide how would this controversy end. Meanwhile, Sridevi unarguably becomes our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!   

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