Allu Arjun - A name that needs no intro and description. But the way he emerged from Mister “Chiranjeevi’s nephew” to the Stylish Star of Telugu cinema commands volumes to describe! Forgetting about identity, he has emerged as the biggest crowd puller and a Style icon for Telugu youth.

From popularizing one side love to starting the “Devdaa” trend, he has done it all. Being a conventional commercial hero, he just hates the run-of-the-mill stuff. So, he does naughty romantic entertainers like Iddarammayilatho, family entertainers like Son of Satyamurthy and historic films like Gona Ganna Reddy too. While there is still time for Gona Gonna Reddy to arrive, Son of Satyamurthy has already won our hearts. Despite the mixed reviews, the Telugu audience has proved that they would pave a red carpet for a good film anytime.

Box-office seldom encourages good films but Son of Satyamurthy is defying such equations. With over Rs. 9.37 crores, SoS stood as the best opener in Allu Arjun’s career and even swapped up Bunny in the Overseas Market charts. Son of Satyamurthy has crossed the prestigious 1M $ mark in the overseas and is dashing off.

Besides Trivikram’s magic, Bunny managed to have his mark in the film. But what’s the best part is that Allu Arjun has kept his stardom aside and got into the skin of his role with aplomb in this story driven subject. Well, wishing more records for our Sensational Star of the Week!

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