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Sampu Vedu Kampu
Posted On 14 Dec 2013 - 01:57 AM

This universe has enough stars and galaxies…

And our Tollywood planet has been graced with so many stars from over generations…

Superstars..Megastars..Powerstars..MegaPowerstars..Suddenstars and what not!!

But now all these stars have been burned out by a new BURNING STAR…

And if you ask us who it is – we should reveal the name…Can you stand its stroke and sound? Ready??? He is none other than SAMPOORNESH BABU a.k.a SAMPOO- the most popular name on web in recent times!

Felt like some Rajinikanth type of introduction?!! Of course you would!

When the first ground-breaking trailer of the Burning Star’s ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’ [Note the caption is – A Kidney with a Heart] released six months back, no one could believe their eyes!Thanks to ace director Rajamouli’s tweet “Thanks guys. Getting back to work..'Sampoornesh' and 'hrudayakaleyam' made my day..;)”which brought this star into light! This tiny tweet has apparently introduced a typhoon to Andhra Pradesh.

At that moment, a trivial question was bugging every netizen – “Who’s this Sampoorneshbabu and what’s this Hrudaya Kaleyam?” When everyone dived into YouTube, they were thunderstruck by the ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’ trailers. He is like a ‘serial bomb blast’ – before webat an eyelid, we are bombarded by his action, romantic shades, dialogues and more importantly the word ‘SAMPOORNISM’. Till date, this ‘ism’ was pertained to some big ‘stars’ of this industry andthis Burning star as a bolt from the blue attained such status overnight!! You have fans crying out “Sampoo Anna ki Jai!!” and craving for the release of Hrudaya Kaleyam. His first trailer bagged above 8 lakh hits, his interview above one lakh hits and his mere name managed to keep the buzz alive all these months. Even, the recent theatrical trailer on the eve of its release fast approaching has already been madly viral. If you still can’t accept and approve this latest “sensation”, go Google or YouTube him and witness this Phylinkabaap for yourself [Miss not the YouTube comments especially!].

While some simply couldn’t digest all this, some have already turned diehard fans of his. Nevertheless, some are appreciating him viewing this entire “Sampoornism” as a pure publicity stunt! Whatever it is, 2013 has met its purpose – it has witnessed Sampoornesh Babu!


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