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Posted On 30 Dec 2014 - 10:48 AM

Making different kind of movies is always applauded by the audience when they are executed properly. Looks like some curse is hunting dubbing movies this year. Absolutely none of the big dubbing releases worked out or got audience response this year. There is nothing to blame the audience. Telugu audience are always kind hearted towards other language films. They make them huge success when they are handled properly and ultimately entertains them. Literally, there are few years when dubbing movies are the box office kings in Tollywood. But this time this criteria didn’t worked at all. Almost every dubbing movie bombed at the box office this year.
There is lot of argumentation has run through our writers to consider which film as worst movie for this year. Finally everyone adjudged to Raninikanth’s Vikramsimha. Starring superstar Rajinikanth, Deepika Padukone, Nassar and Sharath Kumar became a colossal disaster.
So, what went wrong with Vikramsimha?
Everything went wrong with Vikramsimha. It is a basic strategy to remember that, technology won’t alone save the movie. If you look at the movies like Avatar, Star Wars and Terminator series… they didn’t scored hit because of their high technical values! Firstly, they has strong story and narration in them and technology is a secondary asset to them. With much hyped motion capture technology didn’t really worked at the box office. For any film story and screenplay are extremely main assets. Anyhow we should praise Soundarya for taking a profound step in cinematic techniques.
Out of the box, audience didn’t accepted Rajinikanth like this! Literally, Rajini is absent in this film! Cost failure is one reason for the failure of this film.


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