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Posted On 29 Dec 2015 - 23:08 PM

This writer belongs to this star writer turned producer and director. In a way he would have set an independent record of the highest number of releases as a writer, producer and director.

Interestingly, he had four releases - Pandaga Chesko, Bruce Lee The Fighter, Akhil, Sankarabharanam so far and has some crazy projects like Soukhyam, Dictator, Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo in the pipeline.

Pandaga Chesko:
It all begun with Ram’s Pandaga Chesko. The run-of-the-mill commercial family entertainer was successful at setting the cash registers ringing. But the film drew huge criticism for its routine “Kona template” content. The film managed to rake in some decent openings and Kona who is a believer in people’s judgment went to remark that ‘they made a routine film and the audience routinely made it a superhit’. These controversial comments triggered a serious discussion in the film circles.

Kona vs Vaitla:
Then comes his most controversial patch up with his long term associate Srinu Vaitla. His comments and statements regarding after Bruce Lee bombed at the box-office have hit the bull’s eye. This issue event went to the extent of defamation cases and complaints in film chamber as well. Bruce Lee was a flop because his scenes weren’t used in the film – was the bottom-line.

Akhil Detachment:
Kona was a key doyen in the squad of Akhil The Power of Jua, the most awaited debut of the season. This much hyped film also bombed at the box-office and Kona made few comments detaching himself from the ill fate of the film. Though the director and producer of the film were at loggerheads regarding payments and compensating losses, Kona’s reaction upon Akhil fate also drew criticism.

Shankarabharam Feat:
Towards the end of the calendar, Kona came up with a promising offering in the name of ‘Shankarabharanam’. Though it is loosely based on Hindi crime comedy Phas Gayare Obama, Kona gave the quintessential screenplay, dialogues for the film alongside helping the debutant director Uday Nandanavanam. Firstly, Kona chose to roe a high tide by titling the film after a classic. Well he scored brownie points with the first look teaser, trailer and posters of the film. On top of it, Kona invited and felicitated legendary director K Viswanath at the audio launch of Shankarabharanam which was indeed commendable. However the end product registered a decent performance at the box-office.

Pathalabhairavi Punch:
In spite of the fate of Shankarabharanam, Kona was once risked by registering ‘Pathalabhairavi’ title. Though his Shankarabharam film was lampooned for not living up to the stature and image of its title, undeterred Kona dared to register this title and come up with yet another interesting script.

Punches yet to come:
Soukyam with Gopichand, Dictator with the Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna & SSS with Naga Chaitanya and Gautam Menon are the few Kona mark punches we can eagerly wait for!

Kona Mama:
Besides this, Kona also hit the headlines of Page3 this December by becoming a proud uncle with his beloved sister Neeraja Kona delivering a baby boy.
Well this is Kona Venkat, one of our premium News Makers of 2015!


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