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ANR - Who became on par with Sr NTR

Posted On 23 Jan 2014 - 11:10 AM
ANR and Sr-NTR are like two eyes for the Telugu Film Industry. One cannot decide which eye is more important or give more preference to only one! However, it is an undeniable fact that there was lot of invisible competition between them on a personal note. Was this created by by their fans or by themselves? This debate can be welcomed because it actually did lot of good to the Film Industry.

Somebody asked ANR in an interview , “What did you learn from Sr.NTR?”. ANR got really irritated with the question and fumed up saying, “What nonsense? What should I learn from him? He came to the film industry after I did!”. Keeping ANR's fury aside, he spoke a fact. Even before Sr.NTR debuted as an actor, ANR was already an established actor in the film industry. He worked with stalwarts and scored hits. It was Nagaiah who was highest paid in the industry those days and it was ANR who graced the second highest paid actor category. By the time Sr.NTR debuted in Telugu Cinema, ANRs remuneration was Rs.35,000/-. Right from then, there was a competition between the remunerations of these two stars. Despite few highs and lows, the remunerations have been almost equal.

Sr. NTR is extremely handsome and tall. He was great in looks with his natural photogenic face. His voice is commanding and he undoubtedly had all the requirements of a great hero. Contrarily, ANR is relatively of less height and had small eyes and comparitively low voice. But ANR was rather an intelligent actor. He knew of his shortcomings extremely well.

He understood that he can surpass anyone only with his talent. He rigorously researched on which sort of roles would suit him best and which stories can have him potrayed flawlessly. Character and story selection made ANR stand out as a unique star. Sr.NTR is undeniably brilliant in mythological films and nobody could claim his position there. ANR on the other hand is breathtakingly good in Social drama films. At one moment, ANR excelled in Folklore films like Keelugurram and Baalaraju as well. But even Sr.NTR proved himself to be unquestionable in folklore with successfull films like Paatala Bhairavi. Then ANR realized his biggest strength and completely turned to Social Drama films. He gave life to historic films like Vipranarayana and tragic dramas like Devadasu.

When the compitetion turned tight, ANR and Sr.NTR shared the same screen in films like Samsaram, Palletoori Pilla, Parivartrana, Missamma, Tenali Ramakrishna, Charana Dasi, Bhookailas, Mayabazar, Gundamma Kadha, Krishnarjuna Yuddham, Chanakya Chandragupta and so on. In Parivartana ANR even stood as a villain opposite Sr.NTR. Nobody even thought of who acted better in these films. The main reason behind this is that the actors were totally the characters but not themselves. And the great credit goes to these two actors alone.

Sr.NTR had an advantage of having big production houses in his control. He used to work under Vijaya Productions for monthly salary. He used to work in AVM production house as well. ANR chose Missamma with the only intention to work in a big production house and experiment in roles as an actor.

Many people don’t like the debate of who is better- ANR or Sr.NTR. How can one compare Tenali Ramakrishna with Emperor Sri Krishnadevaraya? Or Abhimanyu and Lord Krishna?

They are totally different characters and each of them were brilliant in their own way. Sr.NTR and ANR have an equal fan base. However, Sr.NTR has more of mass image and women audience always liked ANR more. Women find ANR admirable for his natural acting, looks, performance in songs, romantic Image and histrionics.  The youth of those days crazily admired ANR and tried to imitate his style as well. There were days when even Nagarjuna used to stand in queue for tickets of a Sr.NTR film.

Finally, the competition between ANR and Sr.NTR aided them on a personal level too. They could make better films competing with each other. ANR's mom used to like Sr.NTR and used to feel both of them as her sons.  There is absolutely no debate or question regarding who is better among ANR and Sr.NTR. They are the true Emperors of Telugu Cinema!


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