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Posted On 22 Jan 2014 - 09:23 AM
Baatasari is one film which fetched ANR more marks than his eternal portrayal of Devadasu for the character of Surendra.  Based on Sarath Babu’s Bengali Novel, the film as wonderfully adapted for Telugu Audience and it is best remembered for the emotions carried throughout the film. Baatasari proved yet again that ANR and Bhanumathi share a unique chemistry in the world of Telugu Cinema.

Story Details:
Surendra (ANR) belongs to a zamindar family and he initially plans for studying further. He leaves the house when his parents disagree for it and arrives in Madras in search of a job. After getting a job as a teacher in one traditional family household, he meets Madhavi (Bhanumathi) a widow- who is one of the family members. Surendra finds her unique for her readiness in helping everybody in the family. Madhavi starts liking the peculiar persona of Surendra and his innocence and starts admiring him. But due to the social conditions and her widowhood- she struggles in expressing herself to him. As fate could have it, Madhavi and Surendra gets separated due to some serious circumstances and the rest of the story is about what happens to these two protagonists and whether they express their  adoration for each other.

ANR delivers his best yet again in this masterpiece. The portrayal of a fearless, yet a youngster who is unsure of what he wants in life was brilliantly done by him. Baatasari proved yet again why ANR is an undisputable actor for Social Drama films. Bhanumathi performs brilliantly as a widow who admires Surendra with picture perfect expressions and fantastic histrionics. This film is an eye opener for the norm about Bhanumathi being generally dominant in all her characterizations.  Sowcar Janaki , Ramanna Panthulu, Surya Kantham and Chayadevi played the rest of important roles in the film.

Technical Aspects:
It is not an easy thing to make a Telugu film sans glamour, duets and commercial elements and still make it appreciated by common audience.  Director P.S.Ramakrishna excels in doing so and the film became one of the most favourites of all Telugu Household.  Music by Master Venu is another  asset for the film- One can never forget the amazing song Oo Baatasari sung by Bhanumathi herself.  Dialogues by Samudrala Senior suit to the Telugu Household perfectly. 


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