Ileana to share screen with Chote Nawab

July 22, 2013
Ileana to share screen with Chote Nawab

The coming of age of Ileana D’cruz –

Ileana the South Indian actress who debuted in Bollywood with her dazzling performance in the film “Barfi” is already making headlines. She is a talented actress and even though her role in the film “Barfi” was essentially as a second lead she has still managed to catch the eyes of the general public. Every individual audience noticed her performance and of course made sure that she got a fair share of the applause. Even though the film had powerful actors in it, she was still regarded as a rising star. In an industry which is highly competitive and more difficult to survive in, she has arrived with a bang.Ileana to share screen with Chote Nawab


Saif Ali Khan’s Nawabi approach –

Saif Ali Khan on the other hand is a veteran actor an of course needs no introduction. He started off way back in the late 90’s as a fresh faced actor whose only credential was his lineage. After much struggle he was able to  get a foothold, however it could not be called much of a success. After going on for a while with a string of hits and misses, he disappeared from Bollywood, only to reappear a few years later with a chiselled body and a substantial improvement in acting skills. He of course had no other troubles starting off this time “a fresh and re-energized”. The fresh run of the actor had of course done a lot of help to his career and he thrived on it. Slowly but surely he evolved into a matured actor whose skill were equally good in comedy and serious films.


The stars come together –

So when the director duo “Raj Nididmoru and Krishna DK” decided to direct a romantic comedy film, their first choice was of course Saif Ali Khan. The primary reason according to industry insiders is that he has very successfully starred in romantic comedy films such as “Dil Chata Hai” with elan. His talented presence in the film needed to be matched with an actress who was both graceful and talented. And this seemed to be none other than Ileana D’cruz with her fresh talent, she would be a perfect match for Saif Ali Khan who has a degree of fun and exotic factor surrounding him. The name of the film has not yet been decided. The only news about the film that the Telegu film directors disclosed was the cast and of course the fact that the film was supposed to be edgy. The directors however disclosed that Ileana was not their first choice and they had decided initially to go for Siaif’s lady love Kareena. However due to the busy schedule of Kareena Kapoor the next obvious choice was the Telegu actress Ileana D’cruz. The film is supposed to be shot at the United States of America and would have started its shooting sometime in June.


Conclusion –

The film of course has huge expectations building up due to the unconventional pairing of the actors and the secrecy surrounding it. The audience is looking forward to watching Saif Ali Khan with a fresh faced talent in an extremely enjoyable romantic comedy.

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