Pawan to turn music director

July 22, 2013
Pawan to turn music director

The man himself –

Pawan Kalyan, the South Indian film actor is the brother of the famous iconic actor Chiranjeevi. He also boasts of another famous lineage from Nagendra Babu, who is also a brother of the actor. An extremely talented actor, he is a trained martial artist and a Black belt in karate. He has several hit films in his kitty. In 1996 he debuted as Kalyan Babu in the film “Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi”. Even his debut was a hit and it ran for a complete 100 days in four centers. This hit was followed by “Gokulamlo Seetha” in 1997. Even this movie completed its 100 days across 11 theaters. The hit run continued and in 1997 he stared in the film “Suswagatham”, a film that boosted his already thriving career and ran for 100 days across 16 theaters. Later on his talent was recognized on a national level and he received a national award and 6 nandi awards. However the film which built up the loyal fan following of Pawan Kalyan was “Thammubu”. The popularity of this movie made it successfully run for 100 days in 23 theaters and later on being remade in Tamil and Kannada languages. The actor has constantly tried to reach his perfection and this could be one of the primary reasons why he took a gap of around 2 years for learning Aikido, a Japanese martial art. His success continued with various other films such as “Tholi Prerna” and “Annavaram”.Pawan to turn music director

Talent personified –

Such a talented actor would of course try to venture in other fields of talent as well. And thus not only is he a successful film actor and a martial artist, but he also has done his bits of direction in the film “Johnny”. He has even tried his own talent as a stunt coordinator in around 7 films, among which “Kushi”, “Daddy” and “Gudumba Shankar” are the ones worth mentioning. He has even tried in playback singing in a number of films. Among them some are “Thammudu”, “Kushi”, “Gudumba Shankar”, “Panjaa” and “Gabbar Singh”. Not only does the above talent limit this immensely talented individual. He also has choreographed for various songs in some well know films. Among them some notable examples would be “Badri”, “Kushi”, “Gudumba Shankar” and “Panjaa”. So it is but natural for him to now go towards music direction and even though he is tight lipped about his new venture, his fans are finding it extremely difficult to suppress their excitement.

Conclusion –

A very talented individual, Pawan Kalyan has been constantly striving to reach new and exciting career highs. Quite like his talented lineage he has of course given a new meaning to the word success. All his fans, already mesmerized by this multi talented individual are of course not satiated by his ventures and are looking for some more.

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