Dhoom 3 trailor review

September 11, 2013
Dhoom 3 trailor review

Bollywood has probably seen its first high definition action thrillers with the Dhoom series. This year the film has seen Bollywood superstar Amir Khan as the main antagonist and the hero is Abhishek Bacchan. This movie is surely a much anticipated one as Amir Khan has played the negative character. According to the bollywood news, the main negative female lead is portrayed by Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif. This is though not her first time in negative character and from previous movies it is quite clear that she is a versatile actress.

About the Trailer

According to the movie news, the movie is really a high budget one and has seen really another side of Amir. He has really flaunted his great body and style. The trailer opens very dramatically with a bare bodied man looking through a tall window to the cloudy sky and helicopters are seen flying. Moreover he is seen riding the sports bike at a great speed and the hero who portrays the role of a police officer is seen shooting him from a helicopter. Another side role portrayed by Uday Chopra is seen chasing Amir Khan. It is definitely a very action packed scene and really shoots our adrenaline high. The motion poster for this movie was first released on 14th august 2013. Moreover the trailer has some hit lines being recited in the background which very successfully portrays about the main subject of the total film. Katrina has played the role of a gym instructor and she successfully flaunted her curves and did some very dangerous stunts. So the trailer is really a feast for the eyes and has got a huge response.

Response for the Trailer

The trailer has got mixed reviews though. The first look of the trailer became instantly very popular within six days and has got over six lakh viewers. So it is quite clear from the trailer the movie is also going to be very fast paced and entertaining. The first hype for the movie is successfully created by the movie. According to some though, the trailer has not succeeded in showing something very new and unique. Even the stunts and actions are also somewhat repetitive in nature and the most attracting stunt Amir sliding his bike from under a moving truck has also failed to impress at large.

Other featuresDhoom 3 trailor review

The Dhoom series movies have always given an extra attention to the negative characters rather than the heroes. This film is also not an exception. Though others have magnificently done great stunts but Amir is surely the winner and like a boss he is slowly stealing all the limelight. Amir may have made a mistake at the beginning with releasing a poster very identical to another but with the release of the trailer he has really proven that he still has the power to impress the crowd at large.


The release date of the film is 20th December this year. As said on the poster, the film is a blast at the end of the year, the trailer truly reveals it successfully. Amir with his dangerous stunts and moves has really set high standards for future villains.


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