Shruti will not do negative roles

October 4, 2013
Shruti will not do negative roles

Over the times Indian film industries have undergone a major change in movie making, distribution, promotion and that is leading to a huge profit in the industry. Before hand Bollywood industry used to dominate the movie market of India but now a day’s regional moviehas started crossing the barrier and reaching out to a larger mass of audience all over India. Among the regional film industries, the south Indian film industry is the most renowned industry that has produced many hit movies alongside with superstars and actresses who have gained popularity in every corner of the country. This popularity also helps them to grab major roles in Hindi movies and cement their position in the Bollywood industry which will provide them much more exposure and glamour. The list of the famous South Indian and Bollywood stars consists of many big names. A recent member of that list is the superstar Kamal Hasan’s daughter Shruti Hasan.

Shruti’s CareerShruti will not do negative roles

Being the child of south Indian superstar Kamal Hasan and Sarika Thakur this girl already had acting skills in her blood. She is a multitalented performer who is a versatile singer as well as a powerful actor. She initially started off her career as a singer under the direction of music composer Ilaiyaraaja. Her talent was noticed very soon and was praised by all. From that time onwards she has done many playback singing in her movies as well as other movies. Her acting career began with the film Luck opposite Imran Khan which was not successful in the box office so did not provide her any momentum in her career. Then she made her Telegu film debut with the film Anaganaga O Dheerudu .Her performance was appreciated by all. Then she started doing Tollywood movie one after another giving many hits with the likes of 7aum Anvu, Oh My Friend, 3, Gabbar Singh etc. She also featured in the worldwide hit music video of KolavariDI.

Rumour of Her Role and Her Denial

There has been a lot of buzz generated around the next project of the tollywood actress which is director Harish Shankar’s Ramayya is rumoured that in this film Shruti will have a negative role of creating all the trouble in the life of the other lead actress of the movie Samantha who is eventually saved by lead actor NTR.this move was praised by all as Shruti is very fond of doing challenging roles as it is evident from her latest Hindi film D Day. Also this movie was speculated as similar to her father’s footstep who keep on experimenting with his roles. But ultimately both the director as well as Shruti herself completely denied this rumour. According to the director she has been a part of this film portraying a very special character which has an important role and by no means is that role negative. Even Shruti also slammed the rumours in her twitter account stating that she is not playing any role with negative shades.


This rumour has created a lot of hype around the film and people have to wait and watch the film to know what kind of role she is playing. The film is releasing on October 10th.




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