Mohanlal’s son to be launched by Mani ratnam

October 5, 2013
Mohanlal's son to be launched by Mani ratnam

The film industry is quite an easy one if any relatives of any superstar who wants to make a debut. But it is a very tough rad for all the newcomers who has no star connection and has to fight quite a long battle to reach at the top. Some very famous personalities who have really fought and have made their way at the top are Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and so on. These people have really tried for many days before they got their first break to prove themselves. When it comes in terms of the sons and daughters of the stars, the film industry is a smooth journey for them with the assistance of their parents and others.

Mani Ratnam as a DirectorMohanlal's son to be launched by Mani ratnam

The name of this man is very famous both in Bollywood as well as the South Indian film industries. He is very famous for many excellent films like Roja, Bhulbhulaiya, Raavan etc. in Bollywood and many other films in other south Indian languages. He has made more than 30 films till date and many films have brought him international acclaim. He is also very well known for promoting the entire new telegu actor populations in his films and this breakthrough has also made them very famous successful and famous in the film industries. He is seen promoting yet again another new face, Pranav in his upcoming telegu movie.

Launching of Pranav in the Film Industry

Pranav is also very well connected to the film industry through his father Mohanlal. The latter is very illustrious in the South Indian film industries, mainly the Mollywood or the Malayalam film industry. His son had acted as a child actor and has acclaimed fame. This time, he is being promoted by Mani Ratnam. This leap forward will definitely make him famous as a legendary actor. Mohanlal has dedicated his production house in the name of his son. The news is out throughout the industry that after Mammootty‘s son Dulquer Salmaan finished his first appearance in Malayalam film industry and became a popular artist, Mohanlal too would promote his son Pranav in a little while. It is also said that it will be the ‘son-rise’ as this is now the recent trend in this industry. Mani Ratnam also has launched some others namely Karthik’s spawn Gautham and Radha’s daughter Thulasi very of late in Kadal. It is also very important for the film industry as Mohanlal and Manmootty are really two strong personalities in this industry and they are believed to be two strong pillars holding the industry. Moreover, both the newcomers have got the acting talents through their birth and thus they have got all the potentials to become successful. The upcoming film is not decided yet to be shot in what language. It may be in Telegu or in Malayalam. It things go well then it will be also a bilingual film.  No official confirmation though has been given till date.


Mani Ratnam is believed to have made many actors very famous and this opportunity will surely be a great one for Pranav. Though the director likes to keep his works out of the media, but we are eagerly waiting for further news and also congratulate the young star for making a breakthrough in the industry.

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