Can RGV silence critics with Ice Cream 2?

August 30, 2014
Can RGV silence critics with Ice Cream 2

Maverick director Ram Gopal Verma always wants to give a surprise gift for the film – critic, media and film lovers and he never ceases to it. It is a known thing that media are writing that he is directing a film with Manchu Vishnu, but at the same time, he finished a film with Navadeep also. This film already crossed the post production phase and it is titled as “Ice cream.’’  And it was released.  Maverick director Ram Gopal Verma never ceases to surprise you. All these days media are writing about him directing a film with Manchu Vishnu, but at the same time he also completed a film with Navadeep. The film is titled  as ‘Ice Cream’ and is currently in the  post production phase. The film was released on July 4th.

Story of the first version of the movie Ice cream,

 Though Ice cream, the movie is based on the paranormal activities, yet the story   based on  the actual events happened to the June 26th 2012 in Bangalore.  The plot of the story is, Renu, the medical student shift to the new apartment in Bangalore. Her friend Vishal joins with her and opens a new door of  a new place in front Of Renu’s eye. But accidentally, Visal displays a graveyard in a new place,  and then lots of unnatural incidents with paranormal vibration happened  thereafter in such a way that Renu starts to feel something unusual around her. But Vishal is not ready to believe as a common way. He thinks that it is all due to some of her mental disorder. But after a while, somehow Visal obliged to change his pattern of thinking a bit as he scenarios. Visal decides to stay for this night. Then, the story of ice cream turns around the  viewer. Does Visal believe these things which he didn’t want to believe? Does the ghost attack Visal? Will they survive after the paranormal activities?Can RGV silence critics with Ice Cream 2

Ice cream 2,


Though it was a horror film, yet, the concept of  the movie ice cream can’t make any positive sound. It seems, the director of the movie Ram Gopal Verma was deterred by the raw criticism. Of the unresponsive content of the movie Ice cream, he gets a change of mind. The new Telugu movie the ice cream, which is also a horror film and the new sensation of Telugu movie industry. Now this version of the movie has more outdoor location and with  more cast and crew than previous.  It is the buzz that time the director has worked  harder to make the film as a positive one and the first look of ice cream 2 is really spine –chilling as it is a horror film. Still, director Ram Gopal Verma has maintained a silence about the film as he received a strong criticism for the first version of his film ice cream. Do the thrill and horror with ice cream 2 continue for the whole part of the movie?  Does it bring the successful positive response of its viewer what ice cream movie part 1 missed? Just hold your waiting for a bit to release the movie.