Sardar Gabbar Singh boxoffice details

April 9, 2016
Sardar Gabbar Singh boxoffice estimates

Sardar Gabbar Singh boxoffice collection reports

As we all know Sardar Gabbar Singh has released this Friday and as it is a Power Star Pawan Kalyan movie trade are expecting historical success at the boxoffice window. But Sardar Gabbar Singh boxoffice estimates are not quite the record breaking. At least the trend is not suggesting that.
Moreover it is a sequel to an epic blockbuster Gabbar Singh which catapulted Pawan Kalyan to the reigning King position instantly above Mahesh Babu. But the problem of Sardar Gabbar Singh is the reviews which are below the mark. It is no way comparable to its predecessor. The slow second half and not enough highlights are going not well for this magnum opus. Overall Rating scores are strictly average. Sardar Gabbar Singh boxoffice estimates

Initial Sardar Gabbar Singh boxoffice collection reports suggests a very good opening which was always expected for this brand. As per the trade reports the first day Sardar Gabbar Singh collection reports suggests havoc.

Lets see how the Boxoffice collections fares in the long run. As per the trend it won’t be a huge blockbuster for sure at the ticket window.

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Updated Note: We must also not forget the die hard fans of power star Pawan Kalyan. So the strict average reviews might do no harm and the box office may create havoc in the upcoming days.