Baahubali 2 Boxoffice Success

April 24, 2017
bahubali 2 boxoffice success

Bahubali 2 box office performances had set impossible expectations with the sublime first part success, and that has set the bar high for Baahubali 2 profits. Whether it can really live up to it in the hype is to be seen beyond 28th April, but the sequel is already touted by experts as a stroke of genius. The movie traders believe that the Bahubali film is supposedly a boxoffice goldmine and its investors will be paid in heavy dividends as per their prediction.

They believe that the hype generated by the first part and all the little stories here and there about this mega film also helped in this case. The fantasy has reached an epic scale by all means and the very fact that the first part was a supreme hit proves that it is a proven formula. Now that the director has already made it even better, the second part will only blow away the audience.

The scope of the film

The film had a stupendous production cost of 250 crores, a figure that can only be recovered with tremendous box office response. Bahubali 2 has really prepared for that by planning an extravagant release to say the least. With 6500 screens anticipating its releases in various languages, it has outsmarted any Bollywood release by some distance. The first part had a collection of 500 crores spanning across the globe. As of now, Arka Mediaworks has already collected 250 crores alone from the distribution rights across the country and another 100 crores is expected from the overseas sales of rights upon release.

It has also gained 78 crores from selling rights to satellite television channels, with the two major contributions being 50 crores of Sony Pictures and Star India investing 28 crores for Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu versions for regional TV channels. In short, it is already registered as a supremely profited film even before its release. The producers are already in conversation with various digital platforms for distribution rights. Here also, Hotstar and Sony LIV are frontrunners in terms of getting the rights.

Other sources of revenues

Baahubali franchise is also partnering with Graphic India to make graphic novels and if possible, animation videos and video games. This should also contribute to another healthy 10 crores of revenues, the producers believe. Music rights, however, is in the hands of MM Keeravani, the composer of this melodious film and hence, he will be earning a good sum of money in this case. Baahubali is also aided by the open ground as no other films will be released during this timeframe.

Baahubali, because of the caps of promotional campaigns by regional boards, has not been able to go completely overboard. Despite that, a good 4 crores has been invested in the regional promotion while in the alien territory of Bollywood, the film has invested almost 9 crores to make it visible. In fact, the re-release of the film on 7th April was only a part of the ploy to make things work in the Hindi belt.