Sampath Nandi Confident About His Next Release Goutham Nanda

July 28, 2017
goutham nandi new telugu movie

Noted Director Sampath Nandi is primarily famous for his action oriented movies like Bengal Tiger which starred actors like Ravi Teja and Racha with Ram Charan. He also made great action movies like Emaindi Ee Vela and Raccha. These films have pushed him beyond his threshold has a story teller. His ideas of film making are unconventional as he wants a character driven movie rather than having mindless action with action tropes. He is elated for his next release Gautam Nanda which will feature GopiChand in the lead role of a billionaire and his long journey to find himself. Sampath has been very constricted with this project. He also said that this is not a movie for mere entertainment, he wants the audience to take home with something from the film as it has a solid conceptual base. He also was very vocal about not compromising the vocal aspect of the movie. He has promised to show the journey of a billionaire’s son who is in the quest of finding himself and that alone will intrigue the audience.  The film also stars Hansika and Catherine Tresa who has well-defined roles in the movie as the script was not written keeping only the main protagonist in mind. Here Hansika plays the role of Spoorthi who is going to help the protagonist see the bigger picture in life while on the other hand, Mugdha played by Catherine will woo the leading character with her untamed beauty.

After taking a gap of about 15 months, Sampath returns with his latest release. Bengal Tiger didn’t do well at the box office. He has said that between each film, he drowns himself with reading so that he can draw inspirations. He also stated that one might never know where the inspiration can come from, even a mere text on WhatsApp or a news headline can lead to a story. Sampath has hinted that his character has a small influence on the Joker character from Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

Sampath recently has been into production as well where he turned into a producer of Galipatam. But he humbly stated that it was only to help out his friends as he doesn’t enjoy being a producer. He usually wants to spend his time writing a new story or working for the next big thing. He seems to be very satisfied with his works on Gautam Nanda as he claims it to be his best work to date.