Personal Photos of Actresses- Is it good?

August 6, 2017
Photos of Actresses is good

The world of Instagram has opened a whole new world to the fans around the world. In the yester years, all that fans had were the various entertainment magazines that would come out twice a month or once a month which would sport some of their favorite heroines, and of course, not all. So, some of the fans would have got hold of their dream heroines one month, and some would get it next month. However, twitter and Instagram have proved to change the game altogether, making these entertainment magazines unnecessary to an extent. Any event, any vacation or any photo shoot- the actress is bound to release a picture or two in social media and fans will jump upon them to like and share them.

Lack of exclusivity

There was once a time when heroines were assumed to be exclusive. Only a few photos were accessible to the public eye and some of the heroines did not even allow photo shoot. It must be impossible to imagine that time because nowadays, it seems to be a competition between heroines to provide as many images as possible of their tours and shoots to keep the fans interested. Hence, you could start thinking that heroines are becoming less exclusive nowadays and that aura around them has ebbed away with time. However, there is an interesting turn involved here as well that will make you think twice before concluding.

Two recent examples

While it is true that heroines do share pictures of their travels, media houses have understood that the opportunity can be seized at the right moment and turned to their advantage. Hence, most often, tour pictures are contracted with a particular media house and they often have the sole right of releasing these images publicly. Such is the case with the short London tour of Rakul Preet or the lengthy travelogue of Singapore from the young star Pooja Hegde. Hence, the actresses release one or two pictures as a teaser of what the fans might have in store and the fans try to grab hold of the copy of a particular magazine or view a particular channel that would provide the detailed pictures. Surely, this is an interesting turn.

Less privacy, less paparazzi

Of course, privacy is limited in the digital world where you are being photographer or filmed even without consent. Hence, actresses have realized that too and they have taken to Instagram to put paparazzi culture out of business. Gone are the days where actresses would be caught by a paparazzi in a sea beach or a European city. Actresses upload these pictures on their own and sometimes, they upload it on the go. So, embracing this new mode of connection with fans has done a world of good to the heroines. However, overexposure always has its harmful side. While it has not come into view as of now, surely, no actress should overindulge with her photos in public or they may become extremely dangerous weapons in wrong hands.