Updates on ungarala rambabu movie

September 13, 2017
Updates on ungarala rambabu movie

Are you all excited on the sensational Telugu movie releasing this Friday? Yes, even we can’t wait to see the curtain open on UNGARALA RAMBABU.

The movie is a romantic comedy entertainer written and directed by Kranthi Madhav. And produced by Paruchuri Kiriti under United Kriti Movies banner. Mohamaad Ghibran is the music composer of this movie. The movie is supposed to hit the theatres on 15th Spetember 2017. And have received a U/A certificate from the censor board to go forward on.

The main cast of the movie are Sunil and Miya George, who is the female lead actress. Prakash Raj, Posani Krishna Murali, Ali and Vennela Kishore hold important roles in the cinema.

However, with the second trailer launch, we came to know that the movie is not only comedy but also deals with serious social issues that a common farmer has to face. In one word, the movie will completely enrapture you.

Possani’s heart-breaking speech

At the first trailer launch of the movie, actor Posani Krishna Murali spoke emotionally on the subject of the movie. He disclosed that the dialogue – ‘Backwardness in India isn’t due to lack of Money but Humanity’- in the trailer reminded him of his initial struggle days when he joined the film industry 32 years ago.

According to him, the dialogue is very apt in the modern world. He said that he had known his co-actor Ali ever since he had joined the industry and have known him to be a good person. He praised Ali saying that Ali was neither a liar nor a cheater or a manipulative and always helped those who were in need. He claimed that all this praise for Ali was because he had found his friend upset a few days back.

When Posani has asked his friend behind the reason of being upset, Ali said to him that he had been approached by some movie makers where he and Posani played the main lead roles. Here, a third person had intervened and recommended the directors to ask someone else instead of Posani who would take a much smaller salary to work on.

Posani said that this incident was heart-breaking to him to know that such incidents still occur in today’s world.

Hard work of Sunil

Sunil Varma was initially a comedian in his early acting days and have turned to acting fully. Like Possani, he has been struggling to become a good actor since days. His films have seen only failures after failures (although he opposes it by saying that only his last movie had been a flop).

However, report claim that the stakes will change for his favour with the new movie Ungarala Rambabu. The censor board members have even rated his performance very highly.  According to sources, the movie has a hidden social underlining which Sunil has rightly captured. When asked to Sunil, he said that this was a secret and would only be revealed in the movie.

He even said that the director Kranthi Madhav had related to him the three stories and he had picked Rambabu because he was influenced by its storyline and found himself in relation to the major character of the movie.

Even this movie is the first Telegu work of Mia George. She claims that working in the movie alongside Sunil was a good experience. She even said that the film had a positive energy and wants to work in such movies with social messages in future too.

Okay, finger’s crossed. We all are waiting to envy Sunil performance and learn the social message of Ungarala Rambabu on this Friday. Can’t wait!!!