Updates on Next Nuvve Movie, which is launching Tomorrow

November 1, 2017
Updates on Next Nuvve Movie, which is launching Tomorrow

The Next Nuvve video is a horror comedy movie that is founded on the story of Yaamirukka Bayamey. The movie is directed by Prabhakar, a famous TV host, and artiste. Moreover, the film features Aadi, Gautam, Brahmaji, and Vaibhavi as the lead actors. The movie is created by Bunny Vasu and Gnanavel Raja.

The movie will be released on November 3 to theatres, which has put hope on the current trend of viewers being motivated to watch the genre of horror comedies. In fact, forty percent of the film features the Tamil movie, and sixty percent is the changes that were corrected in the initial movie to fit Indian culture and in accordance to Aadi the hero.

When interviewed, Aadi the lead actor argued that he did not feature in the movie due to other videos such as Aanando but because he fully alleged to the outline and plot of the film. Even though most people have argued that the movie is a grown-up comedy, Aadi came strongly to defend it saying that the movie is an exciting piece. He claimed that the video features other stunning artists’ such as Rashmi who will attract viewers to the theatres.

Challenges Faced while producing the New Nuvve Film

In his interview, Prabhakar the director of the movie said that he faced numerous negative comments from individuals. In fact, he said that most people ridiculed him for holding to a V4 production house in spite of the delays the movie experienced. Nevertheless, the director of the movie said that he was not bothered by the ridicules. Moreover, Prabhakar said that he does not give detailed explanations to individuals that do not understand him.

What Time did it take to complete the film?

The whole shoot of the New Nuvve movie took about thirty-six days. The director said that the shooting was a single program. As it is a suspense-thriller and a horror film, and thus there were lots of night shooting. Likewise, the plan of shooting the movie was extended, and hence the artists faced challenges. For instance, they had to work through the night.

Who chose Aadi to become the Starling Character?

Aadi was chosen by Prabhakar, and Bunny Vas enjoyed featuring him in the role of a hero. Moreover, the position is a lifetime opportunity for Aadi. It is apparent that the starling character has revealed lots variations in the film. Furthermore, the other characters such as Vaibhavi and Rashmi have also done an immense work.

To sum up, the movie has cleared its stifles and has received the first certificate due to its daring flips. For this reason, the producing of the movie is excited to launch the movie tomorrow.