‘Garuda vega’ is a visually rich, gripping film: rajasekhar

December 7, 2017
'Garuda vega' is a visually rich, gripping film

Rajasekhar is a Telugu cinema actor. He did some great films in the past but not recently. Until Garuda Vega, the most talked about movie in the Telugu film market right now, Rajasekhar hasn’t had much luck lately.

With a whopping 25-30 Cr Rupees budget this film reaches the league of flagship mainstream Telugu movies. Rajasekhar, says that this is one of those movies where you get what you want in entirety of the movie. He says the story is gripping and narration is so convincing.

The actor explains how he always wanted to make movies like Die Hard or Fast and Furious but not exactly those movies but toned-down version of those movies made for Indian audience. He says, with this movie he has achieved what he wanted to do always.

The film was shot in grand locations abroad and Georgia was one of the places they shot this movie. He also adds that; these locations add a feel to the overall appearance of the movie and that is the reason why this movie went over board to spend a 25 Cr.

The actor also mentions that he has gone through intense physical exercises to get in shape for the movie. The role in the movie is very intense and he says he needed a new look to completely get into the character. Usually, we have seen Mr Rajasekhar in many movies and most popularly he is known as Angry Young Man because of the body of work he has done till now. Most of the roles he played made him look like that.

He says due to the intense physical practise he had to endure due to the movie requirements, he suffered a bad heart attack. He went through the surgical procedures and doctors have put a stent in the left artery of the actor. He needed a solid month rest but the actor says he felt excited about the movie and was well within 10 days.

The villain role he is playing in the movie needs lot of build-up and he says we will see a new Rajasekhar in the movie.

According to the movie crew and the actor himself, we are sure that the producers are going for the big by premiering it in 800 to 900 screens. Everyone in the crew are excited about the big release ahead. After the teaser got more than a million views in YouTube the hope of the various actors and directors have grown strong.