Natasha Doshi on her debut in Balakrishna’s ‘Jai Simha’

January 7, 2018
Natasha Doshi on her debut in Balakrishna’s ‘Jai Simha’

Natasha Doshi is going to make her debut in the Telegu film industry with the upcoming movie, Jai Simha, starring Balakrishna. And, the actress was recently caught in an interview, talking about her background, her debut in the Telegu industry, her co-star, etc. Let’s take a look!

Natasha Doshi’s early life:

The large-eyed beauty is 24 years old, and was a dentistry student before in Mumbai. She was born to a Malayali Catholic mom and a Gujarati dad, she had started working in Kindi soaps and commercials since she was eight. Growing up, she could not pursue a career in entertainment because of her medical studies and her classes, and despite the attention she started to receive after appearing in a reality and talent shows, besides making appearances in different projects. But, she only returned to the field of entertainment after her final year of studies, during her internship period.

How Telugu Films Happened

Doshi was always interested to join the entertainment industry, having tasted the fun of glitz from the tender age of eight, when she started making appearances in soaps and commercials. She was later seen in a dance show. She also won the Miss Talented title in Kerala. This was when she had started studying dentistry. While she had to return to her studies, she had already built herself a fan base. She started appearing in different projects, especially in Malayalam ones. She took a leave to do this, but in the final year, she decided to concentrate on her education, and returned to acting only during her internship period. She even managed to finish her internship with the support of her college.

How she got Jai Simha

Doshi’s photograph impressed the director and producer of Jai Simha, and they immediately invited her to Chennai to narrate the story to her, which, in turn, impressed Doshi, who loved her own character in the film, as well. She also had complete faith in director Ravi Kumar, because she had already seen some of his films dubbed in Hindi. It was a dream come true for her together the chance to work with him.

Jai Simha, in which Doshi will be working alongside Balakrishna, is all set to release this Sankranti, and the actress is not only excited about her first Telugu movie, but also about working with the star actors like Balakrishna, as well as Hari Priya and Nayantara who will be the other two female leads besides Doshi. She has not divulged anything regarding the story or her role in the move, though she has revealed that she will be seen playing the part of a non-residential Indian.