Dubai Police to record Boney Kapoor’s statement on wife’s death

February 26, 2018
Dubai Police to record Boney Kapoor’s statement on wife’s death

According to UAE’s Khaleej Times’ Executive editor Vicky Kapur that the Dubai Police is going to record the statement of Boney Kapoor, Sridevi’s husband over Sridevi’s sudden death. Only Boney Kapoor was present at the room when Sridevi died from “accidental drowning”. He was the one who discovered the unconscious body of the actress lying in the bathtub.

Dubai Police has released the body of the dead actress for embalming and repatriation, but, does it mean the probe is over?

The answer to this question is negative. The reasons are:

Dubai police are extremely efficient in uncovering the truth, they are equipped with the most modern facilities and forensic lab that is comparable to any other similar facilities in the world.

Dubai Police has so far not declared it as a crime but their investigation will continue to find out the actual context of Sridevi’s death by drowning. The first and foremost thing Police have decided to do is to send the forensic report to the public prosecutor’s office. The Public Prosecutor’s office will further assess the status of the case and then proceed accordingly. If they believe that, anyone who could shed some light on any issue related to this unnatural death ranging from the alcohol content found in her blood or the why the bathtub was reportedly almost full or why did Boney Kapoor called a friend instead of asking assistance from hotel, all these questions need to be answered and Dubai’s Police and Public Prosecution Office will ask anyone who they think might enlighten them on these issues.

Until now Dubai Police has not raised any suspicion or tried to prove anyone guilty but the complete procedure is needed to clear the air. The Indian media and public will wait with bated breath for this result of this investigation.

The three main questions enveloping Sridevi’s unnatural death

The police are trying to find the precise circumstances that caused this “accidental drowning”.  Sridevi’s death was primarily declared as natural (cardiac arrest) and now being declared as a death due to accidental drowning. This raises a lot of questions –

  • Why was the police informed about the death at 9 pm if Boney Kapoor broke the door opened at 6.25 pm and called a friend of his for assistance?
  • Why was the hotel emergency service not called on immediately for medical help?
  • Who diagnosed and declared the cause of Sridevi’s death as a “massive cardiac arrest”

Dubai Police recorded the statement of Boney Kapoor on Monday

Dubai police on Monday documented the testimonial of Boney Kapoor, husband of Bollywood actress Sridevi, who died due to “accidental drowning” according to autopsy report in her hotel room. Mr. Kapoor said to have discovered her wife’s body in the bathtub filled to the brim.

Politician and family friend Amar Singh said Sridevi never used to consume hard liquor

Sridevi’s family friend and Rajya Sabha MP, Mr. Amar Singh said that he never knew that Sridevi consumed alcohol! He gave this reaction after the post-mortem report published by Dubai police stated that there were traces of alcohol found in her blood.

Sridevi’s colleagues from film world have been paying her their last tribute at her brother-in-law Anil Kapoor’s residence at Mumbai. Notable among them were Madhuri Dixit, Jaya Prada, Farhan Akhtar, Genelia D’Souza, Farha Khan, Tabu and Telegu superstar Venkatesh.