Awe actor Nithya Menen: Telugu cinema needs a revolution with respect to content

March 7, 2018
Awe actor Nithya Menen: Telugu cinema needs a revolution with respect to content

In recent times, Nithya Menen is one of the renowned actors. From her latest film Awe to Ala Modalaindi she played a fantastic role. She is one of the fine actors who are known for the versatility. In the film Awe, she played the role of a lesbian and was accompanied by Nithya and Esha Rebba. In the multi genre film, she really played her character well. Playing the role of a lesbian especially in a Telegu film was a brave choice.

In the film Awe she played the character named Krish a.k.a Krishnaveni. Nithya recently mentioned that she was highly excited when she heard the script for the first time. She had no second thoughts while she heard the script from Prashant. She also mentioned that she didn’t she accept the script as she was offered the role of lesbian. She chooses it as it was a challenging role. The most challenging part is how the audience will accept it. As in the minds of the audience one of the roles fits and lives an everlasting impression.

Nithya also mentioned that in the film Awe, all the actors were highlighted in different frame. Though her appearance in the screen was for a short time, it didn’t bother her much. She also shared that she accepted the film offer as she thought that it will impacted her career in a broader and better way. Just like a fine actor she thinks about the film first and then how she will play her part.

In the Telegu film industry, where we see the content is for mostly for age group, this was a daring choice. Nithya also selected this film as this film had the famous actor Nani. But Nani this time contributed as debut producer. Both of them are two friends for many years. So she also supported her old pal by taking the right decision. But Nithya also mentioned that she didn’t sign up the film just for Nani.  In this changing world, we see our surroundings are changing. Marriage and relationship structures are changing. People are becoming liberal and they are opening but their relationship status. Although same sex marriage is not a legal condition in India. But we see that people are actively participating in Rainbow Parades.

Nithya mentioned that she didn’t take any special preparation to her role in the film. She told that her job is to play any character in any film, she shared that she draws inspiration from real life experiences. She told that while she came in front of the camera to play the role of Krish in Awe she got full control of the character.

In the film Kanchana also, Nithaya played a very challenging character. In a report, she told that she is wagerly waiting for a script which will totally challenge her acting skills. She wants to showcase her talent in the South Indian film industry.  In her career, she has bagged these good roles. Her contribution is immense. She is very choosy about selecting the right script for her. Any skilled actor like Nithya will select the script based on their intuition. For actors, believing in the script is really important. If they don’t believe in the script they cannot play the role. Nithya told that if she is offered 200 scripts, she will end up selecting 6 to 7 films only.

Nithya recently did a film Praana which was shot in three languages. It was shot within 23 days and she is the only actor in the film. She also mentioned that a film like Awe gave space to bring change in the Telegu film industry. Generally Telegu films are based on the same genre but films like these are edging the platform.