Tollywood actresses who practice yoga

July 18, 2018
Tollywood actresses who practice yoga

Yoga is an eternal part of Indian culture. It is one of the things which unite us as a nation. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means to yoke, join, or unite. Even in Tollywood yoga is famous among various celebrities. Let us have a look at some of the famous tollywood actress who practice yoga. 1- Raashi Khanna With Madras Cafe in Bollywood and Oohalu Gusagusalade in Tollywood, Raashi Khanna has been captivating eyes of various directors across the nation.

She credits yoga for her fitness. She has been into yoga from her teen age and still find herself equally excited about the benefits of yoga. She is happy about losing some pounds through the yoga regime which she follows everyday 2- Kajal Aggarwal Even after lacking interest in sport activities in her childhood, Kajal Aggarwal found yoga to be suitable to keep herself fit.

She is known to be a food lover and she believes that yoga helps her to shed the extra calories away. She developed liking for aerobics and gym in her college days and is known to have been conscious about her fitness regime. 3- Sanjana Archana Galrani Sanjana Archana Galrani is more inclined to yoga than one can imagine. She owns a yoga academy in Bengaluru. Operating in 20 branches, Sanjana’s company is already gaining popularity throughout the city. She feels that yoga keeps the positive vibes open in her daily routine.

She believes that those who practice yoga are also quite motivating in personal life and develops an optimistic approach towards any challenge thrown to them. 4- Adah Sharma Last but not the least, Adha sharma stole the limelight with her bollywood debut 1920. She was praised by many across the industry for her brilliant acting skills. She has never shied away from admitting the importance of yoga in her life. She practices yoga on daily basis. She seems to be fond of Surya Namaskar pose and has been practicing yoga for quite a long time now.