Ram Pothineni interested in all genres

October 19, 2018
Ram Pothineni interested in all genres

The Nephew of the eminent film producer Sravanthi Ravi Kishore, actor Ram Pothineni started his acting career at the age of 17 years. His debut movie Devadasu was an instant hit which was followed by many movies later. Having been in the film industry for 12 years now, the actor recalls the dramatic roller coaster ride that he has experienced in terms of success and failure in his career. The actor has been quite upfront about his movies and roles that he takes up along with the manner of his work. With performance in 16 movies in a 12 year long movie career, the actor opens up about his slow-paced workstyle in movies.

Convoluted path

Having begun his career with the image of a generic hero, his films have usually performed well at the box office. He has also managed to shift gradually towards movies portraying love stories and having garnered a successful image of a lover boy. The actor does not seem to have explored a lot of alternatives when it comes to his movie choices. The reason that the actor states is that he has been wanting to try out new ventures and roles but is just waiting for the right script where he would extensively get such an opportunity. After establishing a certain image in the eyes of the audience and directors, it is difficult to get different and exciting roles coming from the directors is what the actor says.

Insight into his upcoming movie

The actor praised the movie Aravinda Sametha and stated that it was quite impressive and inspiring as it made him aware of the fact that there were multiple ways to look at the same thing. He spoke about his role in Hello Guru and mentioned that the movie is also motivating if looked at from a different perspective. Along with pure entertainment, the movie will also help the audience gain something out of it. Even though there is no separate entity for comedy in the movie, he says his scenes in the movie will definitely make the audience enjoy and laugh.

All about it

The movie has been directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina with Prakash Raj and Anupama Parameswaran playing the lead roles in the movie and Pranitha Subhash having a special guest role. The actor states that the storyline of the movie revolves around himself and Prakash Raj. Along with comedy and romance, the movie is all set to offer more than what the trailer appears to be to the audience.