Hype around Telugu movie Yatra

February 6, 2019
Hype around Telugu movie Yatra

The movie which is creating a lot of commotion in the hearts of cinema buffs is the Telugu movie Yatra, starring Megastar Mammootty. The movie is supposed to be based on the walkathon across undivided Andhra Pradesh in 2003 by the former Andhra Pradesh Chief minister Y.S Rajashekhara Reddy.


Yatra is not a Biopic

Being said that the movie is based on the life of YSR, the director of the movie Mahi V Raghav has clarified that the movie is not a biopic but it can be described as a human drama. The director said that he was already having a good idea that there are very less chances of a political film making it big at the box office. He said that it was an educated risk to take up this movie as he feels that the story fascinates him, thus it must be told to the audience. The director was also of the opinion that the movie will touch the audience irrespective of whether they know the leader YSR or not. He said that even if the audience are unaware of his life, the movies element of human drama will be liked by the audience. The director had said that there will be some changes in the event timelines, and they would be clubbing events and characters for the sake of the medium that they are using. It cannot be expected that the movie be completely authentic or honest. This must be done to make sure that the movie remains a human drama. He thereby confirmed that the movie is not a biopic.


Yatra Tickets bought for whooping 4 lakhs 

Once in a while a news comes that just makes you stop and think for a minute, did I just read this, seriously? This one can be added to that list. A die-hard fan of YSR has reportedly bought the first ticket to the movie Yatra for a whopping amount of Rs.4.3 Lakhs. The makers of the movie had organised an auction for the sale of the tickets. The first ticket of the movie was bought by Munishwar Reddy, who is a huge fan of YSR. The auction price was about USD 6,116. The amount collected in the auction is reported to be donated to the Dr YSR foundation. There are cinema lovers and there are die-hard fans, this is one step above both. This is a whole new level of admiration for a person.

Yatra to show political image

The movie yatra is supposedly to be portraying a political image, going by its pre-release events.  The general elections have picked up in Andhra Pradesh and this movie is supposedly seen to be promoting YS Jagan as the person who could bring back to the people ‘YSR Rajyam’. The movie also is rumoured to be showing Congress in a bad light. Congress will not be able to take credit for any of the good work that was done by YSR during his lifetime. The trailer is already portraying how YSR had gone against the wishes of the higher commands so as to help the people of Andhra and Telangana. The same scenarios can be expected to be shown throughout the movie. It is very much possible that the movie does a great job in what it tries to portray, the only thing to be kept in mind is that the movie does not cause any deviation from the real facts, which could lead to very bad reviews from the people. Being a political movie, there is a small line between being a good movie and being an advertising campaign, it is to be seen how this movie will stand out.

The main character of the movie will be played by the Megastar and three-time national award winning actor Mammootty. The director of the movie said that he was able to learn a lot from collaborating with Mammooty on this project. The movie also stars Jagapathi Babu, Sudheer BAbu, Suhasini Maniratnam and Rao Ramesh.

The movie is going to be released on 8th February.