Allu Sirish’s ABCD movie update

March 20, 2019
Allu Sirish's ABCD movie update

The Telugu movie ABCD starring Allu Sirish is already gaining a good fan following before its release. The remake of the Malayalam movie with the same name ABCD is all set to be released in Telugu and will star the handsome Allu Sirish.

The title of the movie ABCD stands for American Born Confused Desi.

The Malayalam movie had the Kerala’s heartthrob Dulquer Salman playing the lead role in the movie. Jacob Gregory also played a major role in the movie. The movie portrays the life of the two rich kids who lead an irresponsible life by spending away their father’s money. The hero then gets to visit India and the father sees this as an opportunity to teach him a lesson. The return of the hero from India gets blocked and thus the tow main characters have to learn to live by themselves in India with a small maintenance amount that is given to them by the father of the hero.

The Remake:

The remake of the movie which is in Telugu has retained the same basic storyline but has some minor alterations to meet the expectations of the audience. The original movie did not have an element of love and romance which is added to the telugu remake. The role of the love interest of the protagonist Sirish is played in the movie by Rukshar Dhillon. Another major change that has occurred is in the climax of the movie. In the original movie, the climax had the characters go back to their original style of life whereas in the remake, the climax is expected to be altered and will display how the characters improve themselves for their own good.

The film is directed by Sanjeev Reddy. The role of the hero’s father will be played by the Jana Sena leader Nagababu. The films Hindi digital and satellite rights were acquired by Goldmine Telefilms for Rs 2.5 Cr. The actors Kota Srinivase Rao, Shubhalekha Sudhakar, and Vennela Kishore play other major characters in the movie. The movie is being produced by Madhura Sridhar and Yash Rangineni. The music composer for the movie is Judah Sandhy.

There have been several postponements in the release date for this movie. The movie was first planned to be released on the 14th of February to make it a valentine’s day release. Due to some issues, the release of the movie was postponed. It was then supposed to be released on March 1st but again as luck would have it, it was postponed. The next proposed date was on March 22. This was also not possible due to some issues.

The movie is now expected to be released on April 26.

With all the expectations riding on the movie and it being the direction debut of Sanjeev reddy, the movie will be one to watch out for. The two leads in the movie Allu Sirish and Rukshar Dhillon will be the ones who will steal the show. It will all be seen on the 12th of April.