Maharshi as melodramatic journey

May 9, 2019
Maharshi as melodramatic journey

The latest Telugu movie starring Mahesh Babu – Mahershi released in theaters and has been receiving a mixed reaction from thee audience. The movie which has a run time of about three hours seems like a bit of a stretch.

The movie story did have a great potential to become heart touching and bring about a compelling movie for the audience. The real movie which has been made does not do complete justice to what it could have been had the complete potential been exploited.

The plot of the movie

The movie begins with the display of Rishi (played by Mahesh Babu) and his rich lifestyle. Rishi works to become the CEO of a company in the US and has all kinds of riches at his disposal. He drives around in posh cars and travels in chartered flights and owns choppers. He is shown as the successful businessman that people dream of becoming.

The movie then trails on to more details about his life and his history. On the way of becoming the successful person that he is, Rishi losses three very important people of his life. He then goes on to introspect his lifetime. The protagonist later realised that he had got the definition of success all wrong.  The characters of his college friends Ravi and Pooja are played by Allari Naresh and the aptly named Pooja Hegde. The story shows their bonds and their life stories. The protagonist is a go-getter from his childhood days and is seen being a genius in all the activities he goes about practising.

The movie does have some emotional moments which are played wonderfully by Mahesh Babu. But these moments are very rare.

The character played by Mahesh babu becomes more and more complicated to understand as we go through the movie. He has his own style of doing things and has a flawless character in the movie. The major drawback of the movie still remains the large number of sub plots that are added into the story that work more to confuse the audience than to entertain them. The audience is not able to connect with the protagonist of the movie as a result.

Drawbacks of the movie Maharshi

A major flaw in the movie also is its slow pace. The movie seems as if the scenes are overstretched such as the introduction where Rishi is shown as a rich businessman in New York. The movie runtime could have been reduced by removing the scenes that add nothing to the story and don’t have any entertainment factor to them.

The producers of the movie are Dil Raju, Prased V polturi and Ashwini Dutt under the titles of Sri Venkateswara Creations,PVP Cinema banners and Vyjayanthi movies respectively. Thgough Mahesh Babu plays the protagonist of the movie, other major roles are played by Pooja Hegde,Allari Naresh and Prakash Raj. The direction of the movie is done by Vamsi Paidipally. The Cinematography by KU Mohanan is top notch and does a great job at beautifully capturing the essence of the story. The music is done by Devi Sri Prasad.

The story that a man in the position where he could do anything going on to do the good for people at the lower levels has been a much-repeated story in the movie industry. Even though this movie did have a few captivating moments most of the times it can be seen as overstretched and going nowhere with the large number of sub plots that take your attention away from the main story and the theme of the movie.

What could have been a great movie does not reach its complete potential, but you could watch the movie for Mahesh Babu.