Kajal Aggarwal dares to shed her inhibitions and makeup

June 1, 2019
Kajal Aggarwal dares to shed her inhibitions and makeup

Today the internet has played a very important role in connecting the superstars to their fans. Social media has bridged the gap between how we see the superstars in the movies and how they are in their real lives.

It is true that most of the superstars only portray the side of theirs which they wish to reveal and which shall be liked by the audience. There are rare few individuals who have shed their inhibitions and showcase their original persona without any makeup or cosmetics. Kajal Aggarwal recently joined this league of individuals by posting a series of pictures of hers without any makeup.

Kajal Aggarwal had put up a picture on Instagram wherein she is seen in her real-life avatar with no makeup or cosmetics whatsoever. Kajal Aggarwal had written alongside the picture that it took courage and supreme shedding of Inhibitions (and an entire layer of makeup) to put up the picture. The actress looked original and raw in the picture where she was seen having freckles on her face.

The actress had said that people are not able to discover themselves anymore. She said that we are living in a world which is crazed by physical attraction and social media has swallowed up our self-esteem in whom and what it glorifies. She went on to say that billons of rupees are spent in cosmetic products and beauty products that are shown to guarantee you the perfect body. People either try to join the crowd or feel left out.

The actress also went on to define what beauty meant to her. She said that the only way in which we can be truly happy is when we start accepting who we are rather than defining or carving a different image for ourselves. The actress also said that although makeup beautifies our outer persona, the question is whether it builds our character and define who we are. She also said that true beauty lies in accepting ourselves for how lovely we are.

The actress had made her acting debut with the movie Kyun! Ho Gaya Na in 2004. She had made a major comeback after a break with the Bollywood movie Singham in 2011 opposite the star Ajay Devgn.

The fans have been heaving praises for the actress after she dared to post her no makeup picture and have been of the opinion that it was a bold move on her part. In today’s world when social media is seen as a portrayal of a person’s real life, the step taken by Kajal goes on to prove how we are believing in the lies of social media. This step shows how actresses set the standards high by posting only images which show their best side by making use of beauty products. Kajal Aggarwal will also be seen as a role model for other individuals who could go on to showcase their original faces rather than covering it up by makeup and thus accepting themselves as they truly are.