Rakul Preet at Mumbai airport to head home

June 11, 2020
Rakul Preet at Mumbai airport to head home

Rakul Preet at Mumbai airport

Rakul Preet Singh was spotted at Mumbai airport in fully covered suit against the virus attack. There was a time when catching a glimpse of celebrities at the airports was a very common sight. Not only that  #airportstyles was one of the most used hashtags in social media by Medias and celebrities. But, times have changed, with covid 19 being wrecking ball all glimpse and glamour of celebrities popping at airport with their stylish and trend setting outfits have taken backseat.

Rakulpreet in PPE suite

Recently, the talented Telugu actress, Rakul Preet was seen at Mumbai airport to catch a flight back to Delhi all decked up in PPE suit. She had even posted about her outfit as a missing to catch flight. Apparently, it looked similar to the suits worn on satellite missions so she joked about it. The beautiful Telugu actress was very happy about the media gathering at Mumbai airport to get snaps of her. She was quick to express it that she thought that nobody was there and was happy about it. Rakul was annoyed and said not give so much attention there was nothing to show.

Rakul Preet on social responsibility during Pandemic

The actress was moving from Mumbai to her home city in Delhi. In the tough times of Covid 19, like many other celebrities, Rakul Preet has been doing her bit of social welfare. She has taken care of 200 families. In a recent digital interview with a channel on social media, Rakul Pret said, that her father had come across some 200 families around her society in Noida, Delhi NCR, so now they take care of those families by providing them three times meal each day. Home cooked meals are delivered to the families are food are cooked in the society area.

In the times of corona, when everything is so uncertain, catching a glimpse of celebrities whether in their PPE suits is sure breath of fresh air.