Telugu movie on friendship of CBN-YSR friendship

August 13, 2020
Telugu movie on friendship of CBN-YSR friendship

A day after maker Vishnu Induri reported a film (In the direction of Raj) on the companionship between previous Andhra Pradesh Chief Ministers Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy (YSR) and Chandrababu Naidu (CBN), the undertaking is by all accounts in the soup. Prestigious filmmaker Deva Katta has responded, saying that thought was initially his, and that he had met Vishnu and talked about it in December 2015.

Vishnu loved the possibility of the NTR biopic, and even requested that I direct the film in 2017. Be that as it may, by then I had just dedicated to doing the revamp of Prasthanam in Hindi, so I was unable to take it up. The film in the end arrived in Krish’s lap. I didn’t cause a commotion around then, saying that it my story thought, since I was glad that Krish was to coordinate the film,” says Deva Katta.

Vishnu took my concept of the NTR biopic, and now he is additionally taking my other thought on the companionship among YSR and CBN. I won’t permit this to occur. On the off chance that I discover his story like mine, I am going to start legitimate activity,” undermines Deva Katta. Vishnu likewise claims that there are a great deal of irregularities in Deva Katta’s announcements.

While demanding that the possibility of a NTR biopic was his unique one, Vishnu says “Films on mainstream individuals can be made by anybody. Everyone will have an alternate screenplay. Any number of films can be made on a similar person.”

He said he would be proceeding with the undertaking on the CBN-YSR kinship.