Rajinikanth starrer Annaaththe Teaser launch

October 20, 2021
Rajinikanth starrer Annaaththe Teaser launch

As fans await the news after Darbar in 2020, they are eagerly expecting to hear from their favorite hero. There has been great excitement ever since there was a slight mention of Annathhe. There is no need to wait anymore since the buzz has begun. 




Rajinikanth fans are in for a treat next month when ‘Annaatthe’ releases for Deepavali. This is a highly anticipated film from the superstar. It is directed by Siva and features many celebrity stars, such as Meena, Nayanthara, Khushbu, Keethy Suresh, Prakash Raj, and Jagapathy Babu. Vetri was the cinematographer and Ruben was the editor of the film, which has Imman’s music. With the release of two songs from the film recently, the movie has been gaining a ton of buzz on social media. In terms of the film, the big news is the release of the teaser. In an official announcement, the makers of the film have released the film’s teaser on October 14 at 6 pm.


It has also been a hot topic in the last few days how different actors played the characters. ‘Saara Kaattrae’ was widely perceived to indicate that Nayanthara would play Rajinikanth’s love interest, with Keerthy Suresh, Meena, and Khushbu playing the role of the superstar’s sisters. Brother-sister themes also feature prominently in the film. Rajini fans this Deepavali will have something special to enjoy in the film as it has the perfect mix of action, comedy, drama, and romance.


Annaatthe teaser


We have finally seen Rajinikanth’s long-awaited teaser for Annaatthe. The teaser was released in conjunction with Dussehra on October 14 and we find it to be quite fitting since the leads are ready to embark on an adventure to end all evil. We learn about Rajinikanth’s alter ego Palsamy, who’s here to show urban folk the power and tenacity of a village man. Keep reading to learn more about him.


Director Siva opens Annaatthe with different sight-gaps of Rajinikanth while showing a glimpse of Palsamy’s village in the 1-minute 44-second teaser. It’s the charismatic slow-motion walk of Rajinikanth that captures the vintage Rajinikanth bursting with energy and punchlines. Thalaiva fans get glimpses of the actor’s on-screen magnetism in the teaser, which does not disclose much about the film’s plot.


What’s in it?


The teaser for Annaatthe contains some profound dialogue delivered by Rajinikanth. As he warns, “You have only seen the good side of villagers so far.” Soon you will witness their anger.” He smashes the goons in both villages and urban areas in revenge warfare for his survival. 


Despite having such a peppy and energetic soundtrack, the choreography will also get you excited to groove when the music comes on. The fact that Rajinikanth still manages to amaze us with his action is remarkable, especially considering his age. Can we say he is ageless and never time-bound? 


Film editor Ruben and cinematographer Vetri both contributed to the film’s cinematography for its November 4 release. The music was composed by D Imman. As announced by BA Raju’s Twitter team, the teaser was released on 6 PM Oct 14th. Additionally, the film has been submitted to the Central Board of Film Certification for approval. There will also be multiple language versions of ‘Annatthe,’ with Hindi, Telugu, Kannada dubs already completed. Rajinikanth even completed the Tamil dub.


According to reports, the distributors have offered an attractive price to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana since Rajinikanth has a huge fan base in Telugu states. There was a substantial amount of filming in Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. A few sequences were also shot in Kolkata.


In last year’s Darbar, Rajinikanth earned about Rs 250 crore globally, but the movie was made on a grand budget of Rs 200 crore, and it performed relatively well at the box office but received mixed reviews. Darbar, however, was dealing with a burgeoning drug and prostitution trade in Mumbai, whereas Annatthe’s plot remained relatively obscure. We got a glimpse of the plot in the teaser, but not everything has been revealed yet. Both Rajinikanth and Nayanthara have worked together in Darbar and Annatthe.