Telugu film Khiladi starring Ravi Teja locked dates

November 11, 2021
Telugu film Khiladi starring Ravi Teja locked dates

According to media buzz, Ravi Teja is back on screen with another power-packed performance in his next action flick KHILADI. The movie has already started being in the limelight because of the substantial and dominant presence of the Mass Maharaja. 


There is no denying that the action thriller has a gamut of adrenaline rushing elements in it. It is expected that every bit of the movie will be delectable. 

With the film being locked, speculations are indeed running wild. The very presence of Ravi Teja intensifies the magnitude of the film. However, the excitement level heightens as you get to know that it is Ramesh Verma who will be directing this movie of such dimension. Koneru Satyanarayana will be the producer of this film. 


The Tollywood sensation has a well deserved place in the society. His films not only entertain but also edify in their own ways. There seems to be a message entrenched in them and they are crafty enough when they are driven home. Ravi Teja fans could expect the same vibe to continue in Khiladi as well. To much relief of his fans, the much awaited movie is slated to hit the theatres in February, to be very precise 11th February. 


There are, in fact, two big banners which are working behind the shooting and making of the film. The two brands are A Studios and Pen Studios ( a famed production house in Bollywood). The mention of these two brand names would be sufficient enough to suggest the value quotient embedded in the movie. 


The ace actor had been tremendously involved and engulfed in a sea of activities during and after the shooting of the movie. As the reports confirm, the main part of the shooting has already been wrapped. As of now, the star is busy in sharing some snippets of his upcoming flick on the social media platforms and various other virtual podiums.  It is evident that the snippets and posters released by the actor are getting the movie buffs aback. 


The movie is slated to have a pan India release. Thus, it’s not that difficult to imagine the vibe which is associated with it. The ongoing success streak of Ravi Teja is supposed to be veritable and attainable once again. 


At the fag end, it can be anticipated that the movie will make a boom on the big screen like all other  Ravi Teja movies so far. Let’s have our fingers crossed till the big release and wait till Ravi Teja magic unveils.