Top 5 Telugu movies of 2021

January 10, 2022
Top 5 Telugu movies of 2021

2020 has been a jerk with the onset of covid-19. There is stagnation on the health front and a pause in the survival of many industries. The film industry has lost its charm with projects going on hold. But in 2021, until the second wave and post that, there were releases that made the film fraternity take a breath and pick the reels. Out of many releases that happened in 2021, let’s see which movies were most loved by the audience from a content and story perspective. 

  1. Jaathi Ratnalu: Jaati Ratnalu is a laughing riot that has definitely brought a smile to the pandemic fatigue. If lu logic is the parameter to decide a film’s trait, then Jaati Rathnalu is out of the league. But if you can replace it with magic, it indeed worked wonders. Three boys from Jogipet somehow get themselves into a plush apartment. And the lead, Srikanth, falls in love with Chitti. No, it’s not a familiar story. Director Anudeep saved the twist for the trio to tangle themselves at a crime scene. How it changes their life is a major kick of it. A must watch for humour sitting.  
  2. Vakeel Saab: Sriram Venu packs a lot of commercial elements into the film. Amid thrilling action sequences and episodes of the hero saving the oppressed, the story still stayed true to the original Pink and effectively conveyed the ‘no means no’ message. That’s a big win. The film is most vital while bringing on the stories of the three women and the predicaments they face. Usually, film remakes are tough to touch, but Venu Sriram has done a great job keeping it aligned to the original despite the native spin. 
  3. Cinema Bandi: With the tagline “Everyone is a filmmaker at heart,” Cinema Bandi is a heartwarming comedy filled with laughter. The movie starts with a traveller forgetting their camera in the Auto-Rickshaw of Veera. Cinema Bandi is about how Veera, photographer Ganapathi, makes a film with hairdresser Maridayya, aka Maridesh Babu. The film showcases innocent vulnerability and big dreams. A raw, rustic portrayal will leave you giggling. If cinema can bring people, places, and ground realities to life, then why not in the village of Gollapally? Though naive, their dream isn’t far-fetched.
  4. Love Story: What is honour? Does it lie in adhering to caste norms? Or is it about establishing a safe environment and teaching the child confidence to speak up when things go wrong? Sekhar Kammula uses the platform to pull a mainstream entertainer while contemplating family audiences. The lead lady and the hero have strong personalities. The music, background score, and choreography have made their imprints. Love Story is a hallmark of a Kammula film that leaves you in thoughts beyond the flick. 
  5. Most Eligible Bachelor: The film’s title is less an assertion than a question, which tells its own story. What do you expect from marriage? – is narrated hilariously and wisely. Harsha, who does not know what life outside his cocoon is like, becomes enamoured with Vibha and absorbs everything she says. The story has all elements to make it to the top 5 movies of 2021. It isn’t just about beautiful songs, a strong woman character, and a man making his moves towards life; it is the hook of the real-life scenarios around us – being truthful in a relationship. Shouldn’t a lifetime commitment be of all things nice, raw, and honest?