Telugu Movie Workers Demand Wage Hike

Telugu movie workers demand wage hike

Hyderabad is all known for the number of movies that are being come out from the film industry of Telugu every year. As a matter of fact, Telugu cinemas are growing tremendously in the Indian film industry. Not only actors and actresses but also movie workers make the movie complete and successful. However, the Telugu film workers launched the flash strike last Wednesday with the union of 24 crafts for a wage hike. Know more details about the strike of Telugu movie workers for a wage hike right below.

Reasons for Telugu Workers to Get Agitated


It was a tough time for the Telugu movie industry from last Wednesday as the workers have announced a strike and stopped operating. After the pandemic, the Telugu film industry has struggled a lot to return to normalcy and now it is recovering slowly. After the resolution of the ticket price issues, the Telugu workers have come up with the issue of increasing their wages and hence announced a massive strike. However, this strike would cease all the movie shoots in Hyderabad until their issue is resolved. 


The workers were also showing disappointment in the lack of coordination between the Film Industry Employees Federation, Telugu Film Producers Council, and the Telugu Film Chamber. This strike was responsible for affecting various movies which are under production like Prabhas’ RC 15 and Salaar and Chiranjeevi’s Bholaa Shankar and Waltair Veerayya.


A senior worker mentioned in the strike that they have full right to get better wages between Rs. 500 to 1,500 per day. They were just fighting for their rights. Also, they also forced the producers to pay them wages on time as some producers were not clearing the dues even after so many requests. They also added that they want transparency in payments.


The workers of the Telugu film industry were upset because there has been no wage hike in the last four years. Also, the workers mentioned that they are talking to the Telugu film chamber and producers regarding this over the past six months but they are not meeting their demands at all. 


What is the Agenda behind the c’s Strike?


Of course, there was an agenda behind the strike of Telugu workers. Over 20,000 Telugu workers have participated in this massive strike with a demand to increase their wages. The agenda of the workers was to discuss for their rights with the Telugu film chamber and producers. The workers just want them to accept their demands and make a good start for them. They were in this protest until they get justice. Even though this strike was affecting the shooting schedules very badly, they have not stepped back. They have been asking for at least a 45% pay hike since 2018. In addition, they even have other demands such as a grievances cell at the chamber and a facility for medical treatment at the ESI hospital. Finally, by taking the strong stand of the workers into consideration, the Telugu Film Producers’ Council accepted their demands and decided to negotiate with the deputation of the Telugu Film Industry Employees Federation.