Hey, it has been a decade since Venu entered Tollywood! Hmmm…looks like a familiar face, right? Now, ok please don’t heave off your sight out of this. We know we need to remind you of this personality. Now tell us if you have watched the films 'Swayamvaram', 'Chirunavvutho', 'Hanuman Junction'? “Oh!! That guy….!” Yes, exactly he’s the one we are referring to. The other day, our Ctrl Z writers happened to catch a poster of a film named 'Ramachari' on some random public bus and realized it to be the same guy who did an award winning film like 'Chirunavvutho' to our dismay. Then we knew he’s our prey this week! Well, he would have certainly made big in this business only if…

You ready for the postmortem?

Well, out of his 24 odd films he has done in his 13yr career, we have spotted the ‘key’ years when his career was ‘rachcha rambola’ and when he started playing the wrong thambola.

1999: UP [Like Dravid’s six – just above the boundary line]

Debuting with a hit film like 'Swayamvaram' (1999) made this lanky actor noticeable [Though the film’s success is majorly credited to Trivikram’s account (who is the writer of the film)] and he enjoyed this free ride.

2000: One step DOWN and one step UP [Like Murali Vijay’s innings]

After a good start, you need a crucial second step to register your name and place! But, Venu wasn’t lucky enough with 'Manasu Paddanu Kaani' (in the early 2000). It went largely unnoticed and brought back Venu to the ground floor.

However, Venu got the lift he was looking for very early in the name of 'Chirunavvutho'. With the film winning over four Nandi Awards in that year, this film has become one of the milestone films in his career and unfortunately the only remarkable film so far!

Gradually, the name ‘Venu’ started seeping into the roots of the state.

2001: Again one step DOWN and one step UP [Just like Murali Vijay’s innings]

Early this year came a comedy-drama 'Veedekkadi Mogudandi' under the direction EVV which hammered Venu down to the ground floor once again.

But, Venu has got some rare type of luck which lifts him after every failure. And now this time, it’s the multi-starrer 'Hanuman Junction'. This laugh riot came as the knight in the shining armor for Venu.

2002: DOWN [ate a Malinga yorker]

'Priyanesthama' and 'Malli Malli Chudali' are the two cursing angels for Venu which kicked this rising star out of the stadium – yes, just like the perfect ‘GAYLE six’.

2003: Two steps UP and completely DOWN [Back into the stadium]

Our injured player found his way back into the stadium and this time two Raina sixers – 'Kalyana Ramudu' (as a solo hero) and 'Pellam Oorelithe' (multi-starrer). These two films have brought our beloved hero back into the pitch.

But, he was knocked down by 'Pellamtho Panenti' late that year. [You can’t say that mister, wife’s punch shall be that terrible]

2004 – till date: UP IN THE AIR [Sudden flashings like the picture in an old portable TV]

From being a notable actor and multi-starrer hero, he got down to petty appearances in 'Chintakayala Ravi', 'Dhammu' and now some comedy-drama named ‘Ramachari…phew!

He started off well but he always went for a potluck. He became a hero and then somehow (may be, enlightened of his drawbacks) he turned a good multi-starrer hero with a major hand at comedy. Then he took a jump on the bandwagon and paid the price for the monotonous clown comedy and confusion he created about his image.

It is least an exaggeration if we say that till now a common cine-goer does not have an answer for the question “What sort of a hero is Venu?” He left him in absolute confusion about how to perceive him which in turn decides the niche audience for the actor. So he failed to develop that impression and reception!

[Of course in such a case, you don’t have expectations to measure up – that’s the advantage!]

P.S: If not a Ctrl Z totally, he can very well concentrate on versatile acting and off-beat recognition rather than pushing his luck towards becoming a commercial hero! Somehow, all we need is to see this lanky gifted actor in the limelight and back on the silver screen.

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