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A great story always makes a great film. India has a rich bank of mythological stories having deep meaning that add broader perspective to life. One such tale is of king Harischandra, whose story inspires one to stand by one’s words against all odds. Its influence is such that the father of Indian Cinema Dadasaheb Phalke chose the story for the first time and made Raja Harischandra, which is also the first film of Indian Cinema. Obviously it had inspired several other filmmakers too. It was made several times in many Indian languages and in Telugu as well. IQlik Movies brings out to you the details of all the three films that adopted the story.

The first one in Telugu got released In 1935, from the banner Star Combines. Though T. A. Raman was the director of the film Harischandra, it is said that eminent filmmaker P. Pullaiah took care of the whole film as Raman was not fluent in Telugu. The super lady of South Indian Cinema Pasupuleti Kannamba made her debut as an actress in this film. Along with her were famous theatre artists like Addanki Srirammurthy (as Harishchandra),  Bandaru Naidu, Pulipati Venkateswarulu etc. The music was composed by B. G. Tembe, Khan Sahib Burjikhaw and Janakraj Bodhye was the cinematographer. The film also introduced the technique of back lighting. The film was shot in Shalini Cinetone Studios in Kolhapur and was released on November 16th, 1935, which received great appreciation from the audiences.

Almost 2 decades after the first Harischandra, the second one was made with a great star cast of SVR, Lakshmi Rajyam, Gummadi, Relangi etc. This Harischandra was written and directed by Jampana Chandrasekhar Rao with music composed by Susarla Dakshina Murthy. The verse written by Jashuva Ichotane kada was used in the film, which was received well. On the whole, Harischandra was a major success, which is one the best films in the SVR’s career.

The third Harischandra was released in 1965 under Vijaya Productions, directed by K. V. Reddy. Pendyala composed the music while the songs were written by Pingali Nagendra Rao. Kamal Ghosh worked as the cinematographer for the film, which had NTR and S. Varalakshmi in the lead roles with other eminent actors like Relangi, Rajanala and Mukkamala, Ramana Reddy, Girija in major roles. But, NTR’s image did not work well with the film and it was a mild success.

Finally, in the year 1991, in the film Bramharshi Viswamithra, once again the story of  Harischandra was adopted. Interestingly, Balakrishna played the role of Harsichandra in the film.

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