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The girl next door. This phrase generally refers to a cute, attainable, everyday girl whom you can easily go talk to.  But, what if the girl is extremely beautiful, like an angel from the heavens? That would definitely be a difficult task to impress her. The excitement to see her, to talk to her, the endless trials to impress her, all such sweet feelings and twists together form the story of the film Pakkinti Ammayi.

In 1952, a Bengali romantic comedy film named Pasher Bari inspired East India Company to produce Pakkinti Ammai. C. Pullaiah directed the film with eminent actors like Anajli Devi and Relangi, which got released in 1953. The film was produced with a budget of 1 lakh rupees, which was a huge sum in those times.  The director’s son CS. Rao, who was also a director himself appeared in the funny love guru character and singer AM. Raja also acted  in the film. Anjali Pictures remade this film in Tamil as Adutha Veetu Pen.

Later, the very famous Hindi film Padosan was made based on the same story. Sunil Dutt, Saira Banu, legendary singer Kishore Kumar and Mohammed acted in the film, which was a blockbuster. ‘Mere Saamnevali Kidki Mein’, ‘Ek Chatur Naar’ songs were, are and will be the evergreen classics of Hindi Cinema.

Once again in 1981, the same story was remade with the same name. Chandra Mohan, Jayasudha, SP. Bala Subramanyam and Chakravarthy played the lead roles in the film. Vasu directed the film while Chakravarthy composed the music. The film got delayed in the production stage as Balu had a wrist injury. This 1981 Pakkinti Ammayi was an exact remake of Padosan. When it was released it received mixed reviews and the audiences were disappointed comparing it to the Hindi film Padosan. 

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