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S. Janaki is one of the most versatile playback singers in Tollywood. She has the amazing ability to sing any genre song with unmistakable ease.  Multiple times national award holder, S.Janaki garu is a wonderful human being at heart.

There is an interesting fact about S.Janaki garu’s mannerisms on stage. Whether while singing or in any cultural programme, she never bends her head. Even while singing a most difficult expression oriented song, she sings rock steady and without looking down on the stage! It is still a miracle to see how a singer can emote so well even without moving a muscle!

Once, S.Janaki garu was being felicitated by many prominent Telugu Film personalities in which ANR was one among them.ANR, knowing about the peculiar mannerism of S.Janaki garu announced on stage “Usually Janaki garu makes all of us bend our heads in front of her. But now she will have to bend her head to get the felicitation from us!” (Janaki garu andharini thala vanchukune la chesthondhi. Aame ippudu thala vanchuthundhi chudandi!) and went near her with the flower garland to felicitate.  But Janaki garu was so calm and determined, that she did not bend her head even then!

Finally, at the precise felicitation moment, Janaki garu had to give away to get the garland adorn her and  honoured by ANR!

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