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Prominent producer Dundi was a very straightforward person. He used to look after his unit members with utmost care and concern. Whenever certain stars used to create trouble, the unit people used to support him.

The popular detective action flick Goodhachari 116 starring Krishna and Jayalalitha had its shooting in Ooty during the year 1966. Most of the outdoor shooting was completed and some indoor work was to be completed in Madras. The female lead Jayalalitha informed the film’s unit that she cannot join the filming on one day. When the unit made an effort to find out what really happened, they came to know that in Ooty filming time, her mom as well as her pet dog weren’t treated with respect. This led to Jayalalitha getting furious. She showed this irritation on the assistant director V.Ramachandra Rao. Jayalalitha demanded an apology for this as well. Dundi, the executive producer of the film was determined not to offer an apology. Dundi even said clearly that V.Ramachandra Rao is an honest professional and he couldn’t ask the latter to apologize. It was when the chief producer Sunderlal Nahata entered the scene and spoke to Jayalalitha. He looked at the script and worked out on the number of pending scenes involving her. Based on it, he asked her to give seven call sheets. But Jayalalitha replied saying she is quite busy and can only give five call sheets as of then and give the remaining call sheets a month later. Dundi agreed to it and asked her to come for the filming. He took the important close up shots and completed most of the work involving Jayalalitha. After the completion of third call sheet, Jayalalitha asked him when she should come for the next call sheet. Dundi coolly replied saying all the remaining call sheets are cancelled and she can leave. Jayalalitha was obviously perplexed. After the filming was completed, a preview show happened and looking at it Jayalalitha was shocked. Despite using only three out of seven call sheets allotted, she was present in every frame in the film! Then Dundi revealed the secret behind it saying they used Jayalalitha’s close up shots from the three call sheets, and the remaining mid and long range shots involving her were done by her dupe! Even Jayalalitha couldn’t make out the difference. The main reason why Dundi did this was not to allow a talented assistant director like Ramachandra Rao to offer apology to an actress. With this incident, Jayalalitha understood that it is unwise to have an argument with experienced senior people.

After Goodhachari 116 becoming a blockbuster, Dundi planned to remake the film in Hindi and when Jayalaliatha came to know about this news, she expressed her wish to act as the female lead. But Dundi politely refused saying they have already casted another actress for the role!

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